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Watch our next video ‘’क्या आपका GST रजिस्ट्रेशन cancel हो गया है Revoke कैसे कराए।- Revocation of Cancellation of Registration’’ with CA Praveen Sharma

Sec 29 (2) — Cancellation of Registration by Proper Officer

Sec 30 — Revocation of Cancellation of Registration (Within 30 Days)

Sec 107 — Appeals to Appellate Authority (with in 3 months + 1 month)

Sec 169 — Service of Notice (Mail or on Common Portal)ROD 01/2020 — Large no. of Registration Cancelled, where cancellation order was passed up to 12th June, 2020, the later of the following dates shall be considered:-

a) Date of service of the said cancellation order;

b) 31st day of August, 2020.


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