Fat-Shaming in Private is Even More Disgusting
Ezinne Ukoha

Hi Ezinne,

Don’t sweat it. That your subconscious betrayed you simply proves your humanity. Nothing to be disgusted with. You should be fascinated! This is a cognitive bias (beauty premium phenomenon) that doesn’t require your active input to exist. Recognising it, acting to correct it however makes you that much more objective, humane, arguably a better person.

The thing is, we are overestimate our ability to consciously make decisions. Humans are notoriously automatic. Our brains are constantly processing tons of info, classifying, judging, reacting, without any active input. And that leads to biases and behaviour that we will find apalling when thoughtfully considered — I recommend Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow if you want to explore this further. Warning, it could be a slow read. But utterly fascinating — best book I read in 2015.

But yes. Being human can be disgusting when considered by our standards of what humanness requires. We are interestingly contradicted.


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