Procrastination is a beach.

These shoutouts have been due to 2 months. I guess that’s the new half-life of my lethargy. I blame business and its brother busyness.

So why am I shouting?

Because it was my birthday a couple of months ago and so many people reached out and it was such a special day I almost cried. Hehe.

And because I got a custom video (I’m not allowed to share on YouTube so you can’t see it) that left me deeply moved. I decided I was going to do a “thank you” post the next day… well, here we are.

So my shoutouts.. In order of appearance.

Lala (big sis). Thanks for adopting me all those years ago and keeping me plied with pasta through grad school. We are family. Btw Tantan is looking for you.

Koko. Effizy Minister. Thanks for the book recommendation. Loved it. We are due for a catchup.

Raniya, Jean-Comme, Waiyee, Jacky, Jessie, Emerson. Meeting up in France was epic and that swimming pool you chose as a prop is just annoying. Cos I missed all of the day-after fun. Oh well. As to the presidency issue… Its another year in a bit.

Bertha and Arafa. My Tanzanian peeps! You guys are the reason my Instagram feed hasn’t died, you know what I mean ;). And we are climbing the mountain next year.

Mr Onen the Deep. Tope and I decided I need to get some of that Ugandan chill. And wit. So I need the pointers, Kampala?

Zichan, Disney Princess. You just had to, right? Of all the locations in the world to shoot and on such a special day too... Thanks for taking the time out *wink*

EzeChima. The way the prayers were just dropping, oh bro. Amen. Amen. And Amen. Btw, did you get the cake? I’m still on the Ghanaian Jollof side of the divide. You need to visit, let me hook you up.

Sam! Sam! The years have clearly not damped your vivaciousness. That’s something I have to keep in mind.

Prince Omogbolahan Shyllon of the Alake Dynasty. But wait first, how much older are you that you’re dispensing ancient words? Look at this bobo o. I’m gonna have to request that you park well. Hehe he.

Dr Chris. Took me three passes to recognise you in gangster mode. Cheers to all the balling hangouts with the ISMM Class 44.

JoJo. In China! I have only one request. Please make it back in time for the climb. The Tanzanian trio must be complete for that reunion.

The Owolabis — Dieki, Oluman, and Dr Maggie. Awwwwww. So cute. Setting up my lil girl like that.

Lharmo!!!! We’ve shared a lot of laughs. And tears. And Cheesy messages. Hehehe. Weird thing is, I can’t remember when we agreed you were the older responsible one. A renegotiation is required.

Pomzy. Oya shakiti baby. Nuff said. Actually no. What’s that filter?

The Odunsis. Art dealer chic. I couldn’t have planned our meeting, and you guys have become core to me and mine. It’s special and you’re appreciated. Always. Btw, why was D-baby giving me the bored look na?

Dayo. Big brother of the lover. Oldest padi of the brother. Longtime compadre. It’s been waaaaay too long man. We have to make something happen this year. Abeg. And whats all the baritone for na. Giving a brother the complex.

Banky Panky. And the Yinkus. And the No. 2. Awon ara London city. Banky, I just want to say there is plenty love left o, its that Yewande girl trying to take it all.

Yewie. Our blossoming love has space for no one else. (Don’t read the statement above).

Busola. I can’t believe this fine young lady used to ride around on my shoulders. Just know you’ll still be my baby after you have your babies. Lol. And tell that ghost singing along to come out of hiding.

Ivann.K. You guys (the French dudes) insist on making me feel old. That Parisan cheer is infectious bro, do you still do the boogie.

Oyinkan. The award to the best dressed in the video goes to you. And that was a great message to close the roll! Tope chose well.

So there it is Folks. And I managed it before 2016. Hurrah. Thanks for taking the time out. And many thanks to our Director, le boo, who gave me 30 gifts for turning 30. God bless you. Wishing you all a prosperous new year!

n.b. just like their video made it in just in time, I have to mention:

Jon and Kevin. My first two SLB managers. You guys gave me space to shine and for that I’m grateful. I work so hard sometimes because you’ve left a legacy of excellence. Big shoes to fill. Not that one could tell from that absolutely crazy post y’all sent. Cheers!!!