Hamara Social Media — INSCUBE

Finally, here it is.., Hamara Social Media, a platform that everyone is eagerly waiting for!


Yes..! It is a trending social media platform among millennials. The world is bored of the blues and expecting a platform which caters all the needs of a meaningful social life. Starting from curiosities to connectivity, INSCUBE addresses all needs of a meaningful social life.

Curiosity killed the cat? Well, get to know it yourself in inscube’s what if feature that caters all your requirements to ask and know answers to crazy and curious questions.

A dedicated feature to showcase one’s talents and get connected to opportunities, Stories categorized based on topics, travel updates, etc are some of its highlights as well. Why restrict yourself for 140 characters? Enjoy your freedom of expression with “scribble”- highlight feature of inscube that brings back authenticity of expression through text.

The new social media has a lot of exciting features, yet simple and with a pleasing UI, which I believe that this is the NEXT BIG IDEA that will disrupt Social Media and attract millennials.

So, isn’t it time to JOIN THE CUBE?

Aao Baat Kare… Yeh hai hamara Social Media!