A few months back, Jack Dorcey’s twitter account was hacked ( Link). Some might laugh it off as irony, but sim swapping is a serious problem. A way to protect against such attacks is to use an authenticator app like Google Authenticator and Authy. Though they might be inconvenient to use, using them is the safer option, or at least that was the conventional wisdom. The recent news that malware can steal authentication codes from these apps changes that ( Link). So how can the data over sound help in the dangerous world of sim jacking, man in the middle…

When Apple launched iBeacons in 2013, people expected it to disrupt the way people experienced and interacted in physical spaces , in the same way that Apple disrupted the music industry through the iPod and the phone industry through the iPhone. Washington Post wrote that ibeacon is going to fundamentally change our lives.

However, even after 5 years and the efforts of giants like Google with Eddystone protocol and billions of dollars from Silicon Valley, beacons have failed miserably. .

So, why have the Bluetooth Beacons not lived up to their expectations ? And more importantly, what is the alternative…

Sight and sound are central to how we perceive the world. These are so intertwined with the human condition that it is almost a tactile part of humanity itself. Humanity is often defined by of our culture and art and here too music and visual art have dominated our expression.

However in the technological revolution of the later part of 20th century, sight has simply overtaken and overwhelmed our imagination. First it was color screens , then touch screens , 3D and now augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the progress has been staggering. Earlier artistic expression required a…


Proximity Intelligence using the power of Sound

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