Streaming Music is Ripping You Off
Sharky Laguana

Great Post, very educational. But, what about the cut of the recording labels? Not all indie bands can hope to be discovered unless they do some crazy marketing. There’s a role the streaming services are playing which is providing consumers a simple way to choose and listen to who they want to but at the same time, artists are getting a raw deal here. I do like the subscriber share model you are proposing, but ultimately if we rely on amount of streaming to get paid, we will be putting a lot of pressure on the bandwidth itself, somebody has to pay for that.

What if any internet service you use including streaming service should have multiple components like bandwidth+service cost+content cost etc.? This way everybody wins. I don’t think we have seen the full effect of bandwidth overload, currently streaming music, like rest of the internet based services which run on advertising is riding a wave without worries about the overall cost, which will come back to bite us soon.

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