A recent entrepreneur was kind enough to share notes and learnings on an interesting topic for startups — a buyout / an exit.

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  1. Build your data room from day one. Start even before you incorporate! Here is a possible list of things you personally as founder should ensure you have updated every month. Once your team gets used to updating this like a well oiled machine — keep reducing the time period and freshness.
  2. What investors look at and buyers look at — are two very different things.
  3. Team team team. Not just assembling a team before a fund raise…

I increasingly find #leadership to involve decision making ability in the “absense of data”.

More contrarian or green field the execution.

Higher the risk/responsibility/reward.

The more mature/stable/adopted the solution. The less margins, room for error. Not to forget increased competition, reduced ROI.

What’s the point in being data driven is there is no uncertainty?

Both spectrums of the mature/moonshot spectrum can and have produce giants, they just need totally different cultures.

E.g. Today building a gmail equivalent or an SMS API or a utility you just take for granted. Big opportunities, but not for me.

I personally find it not…

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After my startup started adding $500 new ARR everyday, I finally setup a website.

So you found a partner to startup with. You spend the day finding a nice domain, and settling in to your first day as founder.

Can one of you sell?

Some people are known in their circles as being a “hard-core techie”. Someone who has the 10,000 ft view, a brilliant communicator, able to put down technical thoughts in writing, and able to back decisions with data.

Most people don’t realize they you are in sales. When you want to choose a database or tech stack.

Why did you choose to…

Vibrant community. Few surprises. No dearth of advisors & startups. Comments from the India — Delhi edition. But could apply to anywhere.

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Over the years I’ve applied to YC with tons of shitty ideas. Dockerizing code typed on a browser. Image recognition of your phone screens. Ephemeral email. Web sockets. Something, anything with websockets! Solutions looking for problems.

Looking back now — I’m glad that I’ve matured in private and finally have something that started off with a hypothesis. Validated with real customers. …

As an exercise to bring clarity more to my own stealth startup, but also to re-iterate my understanding to my angel investors — I sent out an email based on this gem , and have annotated with further comments below. Feel free to share feedback.

Let’s say 10 angels agreed to invest in your startup on the following terms. You the angel are one of them.

The Angel investor invests X eg: $10k into the Convertible Debt round with a Conversion Cap of $1M and a Conversion Discount of 20%

Annual Interest Rate 4%. So even though you have disbursed…

Facebook needs “Help”. And so do you.

I spent this weekend curating how several popular apps offer help & accept feedback from customers. Here’s a 30 second tour of Facebook’s in-app help for you to hire someone to go out and build in a weekend-to-6-months. But should you?

Facebook (view on pinterest)

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sometimes being more responsible, means giving up responsibilities

In his newest Foundation interview, Kevin Rose spends time with Squarespace founder and CEO Anthony Casalena

As an entrepreneur in a past life, among the many anecdotes that struck a chord — one seemed particularly well put. Anthony admits that although for the first 2 1/2 years — he pretty much bootstrapped his startup — from upgrading RAM to evaluating template designers to advertising — these days there are very few things in his control amidst his competent team.

“I can’t write the code anymore, I can’t make someone responsible.”

“But one of the few things i…

1 new unread disruption

  1. Your inbox turns on when you login
    ( your inbox turns off when you log out)
  2. You only get mails from people you know.
    ( people can be moderated into the list)
  3. You can only send mails to people you know
    ( other people moderate you into their list )
  4. ephemeral
    ( disappears when you’re done with them,but archivable )
  5. private
    ( p2p communication )
  6. not slow
  7. freedom
    ( to host on my own server, but have hosted solutions as well )
  8. be able to embed / collaborate / misc

Sound familiar ?

for Artists, Designers, Engineers & Founders working in teams

I’m going to attempt to dispel in the first fold of this screen, a truth that some take years to realize, while some others will never come around to accepting in their life times. I was humbled myself. So here goes…

Being able to appreciate X, does not translate to being able to create beautiful X.

Let me explain with this uber-example that can be put into any context.

Appreciating the nuances of a film, does not make me a director.

Spotting whitespace does not make me a minimalist designer.

Listing algorithms doesn’t mean you can create your own.


for investors, and startups alike

As the App Store crosses its 5th year — I thought I’d share notes on some of the ways to gauge traction of any app using publicly available data and point out newer opportunities that you may be overlooking.

Nir Eyal once said

given the power law of user growth, you will likely only have one major way of acquiring customers and it won’t be much of a secret.

Let’s dig in a little deeper.

1. Public App Store data

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The simplest would be the iTunes Store RSS feed. In a few clicks, you can create a custom URL to…

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