The 2nd Amendment is Eroding our Freedoms. We Must Repeal It.

It is time to call for a repeal of the 2nd amendment.

It is time to recognize that possessing a gun makes you more likely to escalate a conflict, not less.

Now, right now, is the moment to find the courage to say I do not trust you with a gun. I do not know what makes you angry. I cannot see your invisible biases. I do not know what you will perceive as a ‘threat’. You do not have the right to subjugate my experience to your momentary emotional state, to your prejudices, or to your fears.

It is time to confess that when you choose to ‘exercise your second amendment rights’ by brandishing firearms outside of a mosque, what you are really doing is using the threat of force to intimidate people who wish to exercise their first amendment rights in a different kind of building than you do.

It is time to admit that when you bring your open carry firearm into a school room or a town hall meeting, it is no longer safe to say unpopular things.

It is time to re-hear the slogan “an armed society is a polite society” for the terrifying vision of censorship-through-intimidation that it really is.

It is time to realize that when Congress passes a law prohibiting the study of gun violence, that is guns triumphing over questions, over knowledge, over insight. It is force over voice.

It is time to admit that guns do not encourage dissent, they silence it.

It is time to admit that guns do not ask for consensus; they demand obedience.

It is time to say, loud and proud, that the free exercise of the 2nd amendment rights are mutually exclusive with the free exercise of 1st amendment rights.

It is time to use our words, our big, loud words, to say you are not entitled to endanger everyone around you in order to mute your own anxieties.

It is time to say once and for all that if you can get a license for your dog or insurance for your car then you can damn well suffer some bureaucracy for the privilege of possessing deadly weaponry in a civil society.

It is time to let our messy, emotional voices ring out that they were all good guys until the day they used their gun to settle an argument with their wife.

Or their professor.

Or those kids with loud music.

Or those kids in their classrooms.

Or their very own children in their very own home.

It is time to scream that you are not a good guy with a gun. You are a guy with a gun.

It is time to repeal the 2nd amendment.