What God is doing in Youth Ministry

One day I hope to be in ministry, trying to reach young people especially but any form of ministry would do. Much of the world looks down upon young people because they are young and usually have a lack of experience in most areas. Some churches refer to them as the church of tomorrow.

There is one problem with that idea because the youth are the church of today. Greg Stier believes that God has a track record of using young people to win others over for Christ. Kids who are in their teenage years can make such an impact on others through how they live their lives.

I feel as though we expect young people to act poorly so that is what we get. If we set the bar high for teenagers but also pour into their lives, it can make all the difference in the world. The bottom line is that young people are high energy and always looking for something to do so let’s pour into their lives and get them excited about reaching others for Christ.

A great thing about young people is that just about any activity can be fun in their eyes. However, Noah’s Ark Colorado Rafting & Adventure Park does not need help providing fun for those who get to experience their trips.

To the guides that get to take people on these rafting trips there is a decision to be made. Will their trips just be about the rafting itself or will it be an opportunity to share the love of Christ? Something that I personally love about youth ministry is that there is an opportunity around every corner.

A ministry organization called younglife is something I have loved since my first year of high school. 90 minutes west of Springfield, Massachusetts, there is a couple that has helped younglife get started and now it is booming. This couple has such a cool testimony about how God took them in an unexpected direction to win young people over for Christ.

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