It’s the Pride Month of LGBTQ, and Allies have a role too.

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Trust, is a hard word for many. In a world where being themselves is a crime or a reason to be hated, a trusted friend is a luxury many LGBTQ+ people don’t have.

In such a world, if they trust you enough to come out to you, you have proven yourself to be a wholesome person.

At the moment of their coming out, they are at their most vulnerable situation, and whatever you are going to say, do or emote now is going to be etched in their memory forever and they will always judge you based on that.


You may think it’s only a “One Night” Stand, but the consequences might run longer

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Let’s be honest! We all have done it, or at least have thought about doing it. But have you ever thought about how it could affect us in the long run?

Shannon E. Claxton and Manfred H. M. van Dulmen in an interesting systematic review named Casual Sexual Relationships and Experiences in Emerging Adulthood published in Emerging Adult, explored the effects of hookups a.k.a. casual sexual relationships and experiences (CSREs) on young adults.

In there, there was an interesting phrase.

“Researchers have argued that engaging in CSREs harms an individual’s potential to develop the necessary skills for successfully navigating committed…

It’s high time to tackle discrepant desire

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In 2020, when the whole world was shrouded with a deadly pandemic, and practically almost everyone had to stay home, an interesting research was going on about one of the few entertaining things, we were still allowed to do.


It was quite timely that they chose to talk about something that would come in handy when the pandemic can bore a couple who is together for extended periods of time.

Laura Vowels and Kristen Mark in their article published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, the Official Publication of the International Academy of Sex Research, are talking about how to…

The precedents, especially when coming from a bigger fish, are particularly dangerous

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Tomorrow, President Donald Trump is leaving office and it’s been more than a week since the infamous riot damaged the sanctity of the heart of the democracy of United States, the Capitol.

During what followed, we saw President Donald Trump being impeached for the second time for an unprecedented first time in US History, and being considered to be barred from ever holding federal office by the Senate on the grounds of inciting violence, which were the same reasons for several social media to ban his accounts.

However if someone thinks this massive wave of undemocratic riot that followed baseless…

And help you find better friends.

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“Jane is really talented. She really deserves that promotion”. Diana was telling me over a Zoom call about how her friend got promoted at work in her HR agency.

Diana was one of my friends during high school time, and Jane was one of her college mates that she introduced to me later. We used to regularly check on each other, and the pandemic didn’t stop it.

“Well, weren’t you the one who joined the agency before her?” I asked well knowing her. “I thought you were the one with seniority?”

“Well, yeah seniority-wise I was ahead of her. But…

Kick away the anxiety.

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One of my good friends, Keisha called me yesterday. She was worried about why her boyfriend is feeling disappointed in her.

Apparently, Raymond, her boyfriend said to her — “What is the use of explaining things to you?”

I wasn’t actually surprised. Keisha could be my friend, but this girl has one horrible toxic trait in her — Assumptions.

She assumes everything around her in the most negative way possible. If her boyfriend is late, she assumes he has other girls. If he talks little too long to a friend, she thinks he is planning to avoid her.

Her behavior…

You wouldn’t remember your trauma, but your nose would.

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Before all this pandemic was a thing and the public transport systems were still jam packed, I suddenly found myself in panic. My heart was racing, I felt threatened and my 28 year old self was looking for a possible escape. And then I stopped and asked myself,

“From whom am I running away?”

Then my brain asked me, “Don’t you smell him? Don’t you smell fear?”

“Tap, Tap, Tap” the sound of the footsteps on the granite floor was coming closer sending chills down our spine, just like any other morning. …

Lessons I learnt from a wonderful human being.

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“Hey, come out of the room or I’m going to drag you out for dinner! You’ve got 5 minutes to get ready!” — I heard my housemate and best friend Nav shouting at me.

“What an annoying person!” — I thought, while getting out of the bed to get ready. Thinking back, Nav has been the only friend who could stand my awkward introvert behavior for the 4 years of Med School.

He initially respected my introvert nature and let me have time to adjust with people, but with time, he started giving me time ultimatums to get me out…

The truth about choosing to be happy depends on how you think of others.

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It landed on my Facebook timeline again.

“Becoming happy is a choice!”

Really? — I asked the meme glowing on my screen.

If I can choose happiness, shouldn’t it be as easy as snapping a finger and chanting — I Choose To Become Happy?

But unfortunately, happiness is not an option in a multiple choice question paper for you to choose.

So what does “Happiness is a Choice”, mean?

It sounds like just another generic, hollow, and temporary empowerment message shared on Facebook, but to be honest it’s more complicated than it seems.

Aristotle said happiness has two components, pleasure…

Bhathiya Wendakoon, MD, BSc

Young MD with a heart for writing and understanding the world in its own way.

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