That moment when I ditched solo travelling for something far better

I still remember how mom once tricked me into a Manali trip. Yea. I repeat . Manali . Where Manali is everyone’s paradise , I was the first one to refuse the trip. Thanks to motion sickness. But I guess that is what moms are for. She knew how to turn those tables. She knew how to prick the right point. All she said was that we ll catch butterflies on our way right to Manali and alas! I was there at the door with all of my clothes packed into a bag.

Isn’t that amazing. It’s our parents who introduce us to the real essence of wanderlust.

Not to underestimate the fact, that every traveller had his first taste of beautiful trips with his parents.

And then between all this, life happened . We grew up. And we became fantacised with space and solitude.

Wherein I would plan long getaways to places I had never been , I would refuse even 5 min long walks with my mom .

It’s strange how we have been so obsessed with the idea of travelling solo that we don’t even realise that every stroke of sunset is painting an inevitable wrinkle on to the sacred canvases of our parents.

There comes this moment when you have got to lay down and self introspect about everything that is related to you. The first thought that came to my mind was of my parents. The thought of them falling prey to the melancholic sadness of ageing made me shiver to the core. This is when I realised that the solitude and space was not worth it. That day when i lied to my parents about having to leave for a research , just for a solo trip to kasol I had an utter realisation . It all dawned upon me when it started to rain and the sillage (pleasant essence of the soil when it rains ) .All of it reminded me was of my home, my parents

Only then did I realise that all of this was nothing until I shared it with my parents. So this was the time when I took my parents to a getaway.

I know solo travelling offers peace and satisfaction, but nothing can compare to the amount of happiness you experience when you see your parents' glimmering eyes when they sit by a river bank and narrate you all the beautiful lullabies of your childhood.

Maybe that will be an adventure of a lifetime when you ll take your beautiful versions of home to the beautiful places you had always been dreaming of.

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