Things I have learned this month

Hi, In this post I want to share with you all some of the cool links , videos and articles, Don’t worry I am not going to share hundred links which we almost certainly skip after going through four or five, instead I will share with you some exciting and fascinating stuff and I wont bore you as there will be only one link per section for five sections.

  • The best book
  • The best video
  • Most shocking thing I discovered.
  • Tech war/collision/conflict of interest.
  • The best Article

from which I have been able to learn a great deal this month.


The “Latest poster boy of silicon valley” as some people refer him by. Now there are doubts regarding his status as a co-founder of Paypal and Tesla, he has gone to the depth to keep solarcity afloat and there is a serious doubt in some important people’s mind regarding the feasibility of hyperloop but, there is absolutely no doubt about his achievements. I was an admirer of him but after reading this book I have become a fan. The book does not portray him as some kind of super hero (which most of the biographies do to whom they are written about) but a person who is trying to do something innovating and he is doing it with passion and persistence. What he has achieved with Tesla and SpaceX is really incredible, but don’t go after the glamor, If you want to find out the about his sleepless nights(he was almost on the verge of bankruptcy!),hard work and the tough decisions he had to take to get there this book is a must read.

Video :

I really like watching ted talks they are fun way to learn and know cool things that sometimes blow my mind and I recommend watching them so the video I have shared is meant as a joke, don’t want to describe it just hit the play button.

Most Shocking thing:

I work as a software engineer and part of my job is to work in the JavaScript programming language and if you have followed the JS community lately you have definitely heard about React.js(developed by facebook). It is very nice library. I have made a few hello world and todo apps in React but while I was researching about it I found something shocking in their license(which we almost never read for everything published on github). In that license it stats that

“Because of the patent clause you are not allowed to do anything that constitutes as competing with Facebook. If you do take legal actions or in other ways challenge Facebook, your license to use React is immediately revoked.”


Your license is also revoked if you have any legal disputes if you have legal disputes with any other company using React.

using React.js? better ask your lawyer.

visit this and this for further reading.

Tech War(FB and Media companies vs Adblockers ):

This month we saw Facebook declaring a complete war on Adblockers which by passed them and in response Adblockers did not stay calm they soon cameup with a solution but soon Facebook threw a punch with Advertisement Management, after that some users reported that some of genuine posts of their friends which were not advertisements were blocked. We all know that Facebook makes most of its money with its advertisement Revenue and they have every right to do it and on the opposite side also has a valid point that if I don’t want to Ads then they should not be on my screens.

One of the other things is that Media companies stop you from viewing their content if you have adblock enabled and that is really irritating that you see an interesting article you click on it and you land on page which says that please disable Adblocker to view this content. This has the community of people who hate ads very disappointed, but one of the things that we miss is that to run their website and to produce the content that we see they need money and for them to get money they need revenue.

I dont have a strong opinion on which side is right in this matter let us see where this battle takes us to.

visit this and this for further reading.


I have already mentioned Elon musk once in this post, but I would like to say that I really agree with his point of view on AI and it’s long term effects. Still there is a long way to go for those SKY-NET theories to come true but there seems to be a different point of view which lots of people have and many are posting,talking about AI without understanding what AI actually is for them and for people who actually want to know the evolution of AI it’s a long post but totally worth it.

I know I told you that one link per section but for my non-techy friends who dont speak C,C++,python or who are not much into AI.

Article(Life learning):

I have observed that we all want to be billionaires in our twenties,we want hot girlfriends, want to be math wizards, have a Porsche(or a Lamborghini/Ferrari/Bugatti), A charter plane and a private Yacht and A villa to live in obviously! In an essence we all want to be that extraordinary guy, but one of things that I knew about myself at a very early age is that I am NOT extraordinary I am an average, normal guy and its OKAY to be average(not talking about being mediocre) but most people either live in a dream or they are in denial that they are not extraordinary If you do not agree with me at this point of time(and if you don’t have IQ >160) I urge you to read this article written by one of my favorite writers Mark Manson.

Though I have read other books and articles from which I have learned I could not cover all of them.

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