2b or not 2b a part of the Data revolution?

I thought I’d introduce myself first.

I’m Bhavesh. I’m 25, I have completed my Masters in Embedded Systems from BITS Pilani and Bachelors in Electronics from Mumbai University. The last 7 years have taught me that the whole world can be modelled by using just 2 values.

That’s right, you need just two values to represent the universe.

Still guessing the two values! Let me help you -

The whole universe can be modelled with 0’s and 1's.

I saw the power of 0’s and 1’s when I made some cool projects in hardware, Some of which were -

I realized how a simple change of 0 or 1 could control a complex control system deployed outside earth.

How IPv6 based addressing scheme based on 0’s and 1’s is going to help in monitoring and controlling all devices in this planet and some day IPv18 could come in to control everything in the universe.

Machines are learning quickly based on 0’s and 1's.

So, when I decided to search for the newest name of 0’s and 1’s these days I found its called DATA SCIENCE.

Then came in a famous question which everyone at some point has to answer!

Somehow, my questions also appear in boolean format.
2b or not 2b a part of the Data revolution??

Somehow it was Ohm’s law which helped me decide whether I wanted to be a part of the change or not.

Everytime “Ohm’s” are the ones that stop you exploring new horizons but if you have the “Volt” power within you! You are sure to explore “Amp”le unexplored territories.

Will be back soon with more insights on 0’s and 1’s (DATA)