Build2Learn Hacktoberfest Special Edition

From Micro products to open source

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Build2Learn is a brainchild of Dorai Thodla, a community of tech-enthusiasts and learners who crack technology by building micro-products. Dorai and I have been running workshops for the past two years, and we wanted Build2Learn to be more than a mere hands-on workshop.

Over the past 14 sessions, the community has grown itself with a bunch of product owners, mentors, and learners. We get together on a Saturday morning and hack with an intention to learn a particular technology or build a cool little product. The 15th session fell right on October, helping us bring Hacktoberfest to #NammaChennai.


Hacktoberfest is a month-long international event, hosted by GitHub and DigitalOcean where you make five contributions to open-source projects and get goodies from Github.

Behind the scenes

Most weekends of October were already packed. There was PyCon; there is a long weekend in the middle of the month, followed by the Google Developers’ DevFest.

We had one weekend, and very little time to get the hacktoberfest edition right. Orangescape, the most preferred venue partners of Chennai community was luckily available. We opened registrations long before the event so that participants will have enough time to prepare. We had 65+ sign-ups.

Mentors On Board

When we sent out the registration form, we had a wide variety of people, and we wanted them to pick a domain they wanted to work on. 50 % of them chose machine learning and 28% backend development. When asked for their proficiency in the specific technology there were a lot of beginners.

To make the best out of it, we had to find a list of mentors who have an intersection of excellent skills and passion for guiding and helping other people.

Syed Suhail Ahmed and Saravanan Ramupillai filled the skill gap of front-end development we had in the community. While Gaurav G and Karthi took care of android, Bhuvana, Ashish and I took care of the backend and Machine learning.

The Fest Began

October 13th, 2018, people started walking into the beautiful Orangescape premises. Every time someone new walks into the event venue, their eyes are filled with a lot of questions, “Am I in the right place?” to “Do I even belong here?”. That’s when I, being the event organizer, step in and make them feel comfortable.

Soon, the room was filled with techies eager to experience what build2learn had to offer. We went around the room and introduced ourselves. We wanted to take hacktoberfest as an opportunity to thank our mentors, and officially introduce them to our community.

Adding to our list of mentors, Prakash from SimpleLabs had unique project ideas for beginners. There were people who had been a part of hacktoberfest in the past and their experiences came handy for the beginners

Build2Learn is always known for its energy. The energy you get when a bunch of people code for the fun of it. The energy you get when there is an intense argument about the rightness of a specific solution, debating the features of various technologies.

The vibe started filling the room, and for the next few hours, we all grabbed a cup of coffee and hacked our way through the hacktoberfest.

Finishing Strong

At the end of 3 hours, the energy was still live; there was no trace of tiredness. Some people did up to 4 pull request in such a short span of time. The wave came to a pause, but it will not end until the end of this October.

Buckle up and sign up for hacktoberfest, Build2Learn will keep you covered with assistance and motivation. Get close to the community by joining our slack group.

Link to event photos