Guardian Angels are not Enough We need a Personal Bodyguard

We are in a century where life haunts us the most than the vicious. Though guardian angels make us feel safe and secure, it’s time that we all need a personal bodyguard. Here’s why.

When the going gets tough When you feel that the whole world is plotting against you, when everything you do to get out of your problems pulls you down even further, the guardian angels enter with their magic wand and make your problem vanish. She hugs you with her magical aura and makes you feel all cozy and comfortable. Well, that works completely fine. Next time when the guardian angel does not arrive on time, we can very well blame her for everything and move on.

But, by unleashing our personal bodyguard. It would shoot down the problems before even entering your life. You may call it intuition that prevents us from getting into trouble, but bodyguards are more than that.

Guardian angels are super nice. They seek goodness for even the ones who hurt you. They are angels what else can you expect. But bodyguards take no shit. They have mastered to kick the crap out of your life. He knows no love other than the self-love.

How I Came up With Personal Bodyguards?

The most use of bodyguards come in to play when you deal with conventional people with backward thoughts. Every time some relative of me walks up to me with the stupidest idea, the guardian angel asks me to shut myself and let the tide go. She plays by rules, she fights with silence.

As I told you the bodyguards stand no crap and shot down their ideas. Now with the guardian angel, you have to go through crap in order to feel comfortable. You personal bodyguard knows your worth and just gives back if it doesn’t feel respected.

Dealing things with your bodyguard is not always an upside. Since the bodyguard acted rashly, you might have to face other issues like tagging character, unsolicited advice, etc., But don’t worry these are the things our bodyguards are trained to handle. Alteast you don’t have to live with the guilt of putting up with stupidity and not standing up for yourself.

Who is this Personal Bodyguard?

So do you have to hire someone to be your bodyguard? How are you going to afford it in the feeble salary you’re getting. Is there an EMI option available? What if I tell you the service is completely free.

The bodyguard lies in yourself. Always waiting to guard you. It is for you to unleash its superpowers and transfer the control of handling crap.

My personal bodyguard “inavahb” — The evil me 😈

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