Enabling SSL/TLS (for free) via AWS Certificate Manager on Elastic Beanstalk
Anand Capur

Hi Anand

After Running “sudo aws elasticbeanstalk update-environment — environment-name ilocktest-env — option-settings file:///var/www/html/file/elb-acm.json” command in console i get below response

 “ApplicationName”: “My First Elastic Beanstalk Application”, 
 “EnvironmentName”: “ilocktest-env”, 
 “VersionLabel”: “ilock”, 
 “Status”: “Updating”, 
 “Description”: “ilock testing”, 
 “EnvironmentId”: “e-mfvijrjy2x”, 
 “EndpointURL”: “awseb-e-m-AWSEBLoa-8Z47EFAURYBT-347609262.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com”, 
 “SolutionStackName”: “64bit Amazon Linux 2014.09 v1.0.9 running PHP 5.5”, 
 “CNAME”: “ilocktest-env.elasticbeanstalk.com”, 
 “Health”: “Grey”, 
 “AbortableOperationInProgress”: true, 
 “Tier”: {
 “Version”: “1.0”, 
 “Type”: “Standard”, 
 “Name”: “WebServer”
 “DateUpdated”: “2016–01–30T06:57:34.193Z”, 
 “DateCreated”: “2015–01–06T13:09:27.699Z”

From where can i find this status “Environment update completed successfully.”

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