Leveraging The Best Of e-Commerce Web Development For Your Business

eCommerce development is not an unknown term for us these days. It is one of the major aspects of high internet usage (amongst social media, online movie/video streaming, gaming, information transfer and others). After the explosion of eCommerce websites over the past few years, online shopping has become the latest shopping norm. In such scenarios, even retailers who have their stores in prime locations are looking to capture the online channel for growth. They are investing in ecommerce web development as they realize that eCommerce is here to stay.

Some of the major benefits of having an eCommerce website are:

1. Lower operational costs

For starting with an online store, a lot of capital isn’t required. Moreover, any amount of investment is much lesser than that required in a brick and mortar store. Moreover, you are free from the headache of searching for the perfect visibility and location and hiring a number of employees as most services are automated.

2. Wide customer base

In physical stores, the customer base is limited to geographical location and it’s access. In case of an online store, with the right SEO practises, you can reach a number of customers in every corner of the world.

3. Customer convenience

People are getting lazier, there is no doubt. Why would they want to wait throughout the week for the weekend, travel to the mall and buy from the limited options available out there. They would rather buy the desired item online. Not only do online stores offer less prices and choice, but they are more convenient: from the customer’s perspective. Moreover as physical movement is not required, they can shop 24×7.

4. Lack of market barriers

Everyone can have a successful online ecommerce presence, provided the right SEO and marketing strategies are used. All you have to do is partner with the right, reputed and trusted service provider, and you are good to go.

Choose the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Online Store

Having talked about it’s benefits,we now discuss the ways in which you can leverage E commerce to the best of your advantage:

1. You must win the trust of your target audience

The simplest aspect to understand is that they won’t buy from you if they don’t trust you. A study revealed that 70% of web shoppers abandon their carts because they cannot trust the website.

In such scenarios, having a trust seal on your website is a great idea. It is a mark for authenticity. It lets the visitors know that the website they are visiting/purchasing from is authentic or not. These seals are given out by third party organizations that collect data in order to verify and state whether the said business conforms to the corporate rules or not.

From a technical perspective, these seals check your site’s association with SSL certificate or socket layer. In short, it means that a particular website has been thoroughly scrutinized and provides secure data transmission.

Users are now confident that they can carry out secure data transmission while using your website. They trust you (and your website) in disclosing their bank details and carrying out transactions.

These SSLs can be categorized as:

  • Standard validation SSL certificates
  • Extended validation SSL certificates (EV)SSL

The prime (and only) difference between both of them is that EV demands some additional administrative efforts in order to figure out about domains, and thus requires some extra cost.

TNS (and independent research firm) carried out a research and concluded that a large number of audience is aware of these seals. A majority of online shoppers in America stated that a trust seal is a prime requisite for an eCommerce store and 79% of online purchasers would want to see them on the websites they want to purchase from.

2. Never wait for the shopping season

Shopping carnivals during festive seasons are an excellent opportunity to get hold of web users. However, it does not mean that you must wait for them for rest of the year to launch your product. You must launch your app quite earlier in order to gain their trust.

3. Having mobile friendly designs

There is no denying that mobile devices are the first choice of users. Even Google has made standards with the responsive web design, which all websites must adhere to. This is in order to make them mobile friendly.

This adoption becomes even more imperative for eCommerce players as traffic on eCommerce sites has been on the rise — through the mobile platform.

There are a number of platforms, plugins and extensions available in the market, therefore developing an eCommerce website should not be a daunting task. eCommerce platforms like Twikster, Zepo, Shopify are some of the top eCommerce platform solutions you can go with. However, you must keep in mind that providing best services to the customers is a must, in order to achieve best returns.