Top 10 Sales Tools to Increase Productivity of your Business

Selling is an important part of every business organization. Without selling, there will be no profit and your company might die soon. On the other hand, if you are successful at selling your products at the first go, but not in an organized manner, then trouble is about to hit you. To manage this, people are using the sales force automation software from last few decades.

Sales force automation software mainly belongs to the business class, and works like CRM software but unlike CRM, mainly it focuses on the sales process and then manages the sales contacts.

Here are the top 10 tools that can help you manage your business productivity, customer service, lead management, product ordering and much more — Includes everything to convert leads into customers.

1. Insight Squared — Insight Squared is one of the most powerful analytical suites that delivers simple business solutions to companies, no matter what their size. This tool analyzes all your company’s data, provides easy to use analytics for your financial, marketing, sales, staffing and support information. It is the real business tool for real business people. More than hundreds of companies over the world use Insight Squared analytics to increase the productivity of their team, sales performance etc..

2. Axiom Sales manager — For all those people who achieves the team’s efficiency and management, there is another tool named Axiom sales manager. It is an online sales application to empower sales efficiency for both your sales management and sales force. With this tool, your sales team can effectively build proposals and quotes for their target audience while you can effectively administer your product pricing, your sales force, and your sales pipeline.

3. ReferenceEdge — ReferenceEdge is helping companies from last 10 years in customer referral programs and sales, and makes a native salesforce app that effectively manage your customer information and automate all the reference requests. Yes, you heard it right — you don’t need to monitor your references, like who are they, what are their areas of expertise, and more. Its main goal is to enhance your business efficiency, generate more bids and lessen your sales cycles.

4. Ai2 Prosel — If your team is continually growing, Ai2 ProSel will help to facilitate their quick-stepping sales. Whether you are on a road, at a trade show, at a store, in the field, or in the office, you can store sales material, customer data, product information and everything else in the Ai2 ProSel. It also helps to integrate daily activities, bar code scanning, and more to create a highly efficient tool that makes the sales process easier — no matter where you are. We had tremendous feedback on this article: How to Manage Your Business from Mobile Devices.

5. SalesEdge — If it is all about getting new clients, then SalesEdge can help you to increase your yes rate. This tool offers various RFP software applications to assist your sales and marketing team and help them in creating professional, attractive and persuasive proposals. SalesEdge also helps to answer complex RFP’s, develop presentations and statement of work, and deliver them to target audience.

6. Active Conversion — As its tagline says, “Active Conversion is all about filling the gap between sales process and marketing process.” This tool uses marketing automation to monitor visitors data and promotional efforts to build a database of leads. Additionally, Active Conversion also automates the sales process, lead tracking and other metrics to enhance online customer acquisition.

7. Sugar CRM: It provides a completely immersive, engaging and intuitive CRM user experience. Moreover, it focusses on customer relationship management and enable organizations to better engage with the customers. In addition to this, it provides contextual intelligence that makes actionable insights for every user. Sugar CRM automates your core sales, customer services and marketing process without shifting the focus to an individual customer. It helps in simplifying the complex business process and increase pipeline visibility.

8. It provides a perspective self — learning engine that drives revenue growth for both the salesperson and the buyer. The tool helps in increasing automation, analytics and communication to boost up sales representative’s performances. With some of the most immaculate features such as predictive lead scoring and forecasting, it enables the sales team to authenticate their process. Moreover, add-on features such as email tracking and power dialer make an “all-in-one” tool for sales productivity.

9. SalesHandy: It is a tool designed to enhance sales communication and configure data analytics with utmost comfort. The main attributes of the tool include email tracking, live meeting & document sharing etc. This tool helps sales team to organize their work in order to engage more customers. Other lucrative features of the tool include screen sharing, easy management of contacts, document tracking, data security — password protected document & many more. In a nutshell, it is a tool that aims to supercharge your sales team productivity.

10. RingCentral: It is a Saas-based cloud solution that helps in scaling and customizing needs of any B2B organization. It integrates with a variety of CRM systems and has a user — friendly digital interface. RingCentral enables prospect and team member collaboration with video meetings and audio conferencing.

So, these are the few sales automation software you can consider thinking to enhance the sales process of your business. Increased business sales will help your business to grow more and hence, help you climb the ladder of success!

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