Vital Few, Trivial Many

A few weeks ago, I was sitting with some friends who were discussing a recent football match. The other day they were discussing a tennis match. The conversations didn’t excite me since I don’t follow sports. Not that I don’t like sports, Of course I do. I love the game that happens. It’s just that I don’t follow any sport religiously. But this wasn’t the case earlier. I loved cricket, I used to play for around 2 hours daily and watch every single match. But as I joined college, my interest started fading. I do watch some matches now but not with the same passion like I did earlier. With time, I developed this thinking that watching sports and being updated with every story was a tough task for me. I felt this was time-consuming and I would not gain anything by talking about sports or sports persons.

The famous personalities whom I follow keep tweeting and posting updates on their social media accounts and I always wondered how they found time to do this even after being so busy and involved in their business.

Few days back, I was having this conversation with a friend and I told her how I always found myself amongst people who often discussed matches, stories, updates and how I was never excited about it and that discussing sports was a waste of time. Since she’s a huge cricket fan,

I asked her, “Why do people discuss sports? What is it that they get by talking about it?

To which she replied, “Why not? Sports is a good thing, since you get to know so many amazing stories and it serves as a good topic to talk on which is better than what most people talk about..”

“Like what?”, I interrupted


This struck me.

I have this habit of observing people and their habits. This happens unintentionally. I cannot ignore what people keep doing around me. I do that quite often. I notice and talk about people and this talking is different than what Seth Godin mentions when he says that he talks more about people than he does about marketing and other stuff.

The one I am focusing on is DISCUSSING people with other people and this is what struck me. How often do we find ourselves discussing people with others?

Their bad habits, their negative behaviour, how they do something, how they dress, how they carry themselves, who they are dating are some conversations that often pop up intentionally or unintentionally.

And how often do we find ourselves discussing ideas? Solutions? Innovation?

I realised that being with people who are not interested in a particular field that you like can hugely impact your interest in it. If you are not assertive, you may be forced into conversations which don’t interest you.

And, discussing trivia is very easy. It doesn’t require much effort, intellect and time. But discussing something relevant like Sports takes all of these.

Vital Few, Trivial many

Sports tell us about struggles, about injuries, about defeat, about teamwork, about hard work, about achievements, about faith, about records, about failure and about success which is similar to what we face in our normal lives; while discussing people does no such thing; it only encourages jealousy, envy and negativity.

It was hard to digest but I realised I was wrong when I considered discussing sports as a waste of time, and the funny part is, this happened when I discussed sports and not people.