What is happiness?

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

What is happiness? A simple question, than can have multiple answers, with a wide range of variations. For some, happiness is combined with success. For others, happiness can be activities they enjoy. For many, it is simple as love. So if everyone has an individual and independent sense of happiness, why does it become so hard to obtain? Why is there sadness, loneliness, depression? As there is real no answer to that question, a good guess could be that reality has a way interrupting our own version of happiness every now and then, which in very limited amount of words, sucks. We can’t explain these unfortunate circumstances, or fully comprehend on why they even occur in the first place. However, it does happen. So how do you deal with it? When one goes through hardship or sadness, it is so common to reference someone known or unknown, that is currently going through an unfortunate experience, where we assume their experience is worse than ours. “Just think about those who don’t have jobs”, or “We are just lucky to have food and shelter” are common phrases thrown around to help us feel better about our situations. But does it really? Is it fair using someone else’s particular situation as a benchmark of our own happiness? Isn’t that truly masking our own pain, and in a way insulting the feelings we are going through?

The goal here isn’t to question every aspect of your life, and over analyze the issue at hand. The goal, in fact, is to reach a happiness that is your own, and not baselined off someone else’s happiness. Don’t say, “At least I’m better off than him” or “I’m lucky not be living there”. Don’t be so quick to dismiss your problems, because if you’re feeling sad, then your problem is valid. When people mention your problems aren’t as bad as others, that opinion is subjective. Understand the root of your issue, face your sadness head strong, and don’t undermine yourself. These are not easy tasks, but as we know life is not easy. It may seem others have their lives put together, but in reality they are probably going through the same anxiety, same insecurities, and in some cases, same kind of pain as you are. Find a support system that will give you neutral advice, and can provide guidance that you normally wouldn’t receive. Make a list, no matter how small of an item, that makes you smile. Attempt to complete that list. Make small goals that are obtainable, and then some that are harder to obtain. Let’s face it. The reward of hard work is so much sweeter, and gives you motivation to reach the next level of that happiness that we all crave for, but more importantly, deserve to have. It is perfectly fine to have dreams and be realists at the same time. That’s the juxtaposition that is perfectly acceptable but sometimes we just forget to dream. Do not let practicality and reality destroy your creativity. Look in the mirror, trust yourself.

The end message of this story is that happiness can be achieved, while it may seem to be difficult. Be around those who inspire you, and become the change you want to see. Once you accept that, the rest is just simply what we like to call, life.