Test Your Idea by A/B Testing Method for Mobile Apps

Testing is an important pre-release process of any product/service and this is so true for emerging business of mobile apps also, hence this is the most significant step for app developers. Test really proves best for developers where there is a space to check the features of an app whether it is effective/user-friendly or not. And obviously it gives a chance to take corrective actions. The main aim of testing is to improve the quality of product or service.

“Tremendous Experiments by Set of Tools is called TEST”

Have you ever questioned why very few apps gain popularity and the rest struggle for a single download? There is something new which makes an app different from the crowd. Hence you can be sure about your app’s performance through evaluation by A/B testing which allows you to try out different marketing possibilities in a structured way. So let’s describe here A/B testing for mobile apps.

What A/B testing is?

If define in a simple language it is one kind of process where comparison of two deviations take place which allows you to test changes against one another and determines which one produce better result.

Business entails investment of good amount of time and resources for making products or services. Project timeline and quality of work both are too important so one has to maintain that balance. And A/B testing doesn’t have any kind of impact on project deadline, means it can’t be the cause of delay in project.

Why A/B Testing?

A/B testing can enhance sales by experiments of different screen layouts and can find out users requirement with respect to the app.

User experience is the most essential for mobile apps. A/B testing can ensure that app delivers more valuable and pleasing features and functionality to audience. UX of mobile apps can be effectively tested with A/B testing method.

It is quite common that most of company expect to launch app rapidly but patience must be there to evaluate an app before releasing in market and knowing what works and what doesn’t before an app launching.

By doing so more chances will be there for users to like an app hence entire project will succeed. Certain tools of A/B testing are Taplystics, splitforce, airlock, amazon A/B testing and arise etc.

“A/B testing means power to test your different experiences within mobile apps”

Thus every step towards A/B testing ensures for betterment, though company is performing well it’s always possible to be better and do more. As progress is an endless process.

1. Guidelines to learn Android App Development

Smart phone has been smart by mobile apps and moreover by android apps. Major part of app market is covered by android today. This is because android is undoubtedly one of the most successful operating system, more importantly it is an open source platform. Mobile devices today have become the inseparable part of users’ life that’s why android is going to be everywhere around us.

This is the reason for boosting interest of developers in android programming and programmers are eager to learn android app development. Though learning android programming is not too tough but it requires some care and planning for desired results. It’s not an overnight process but takes a good deal of time. So this post is for those developers who are going to involve themselves all-time with android.

Perfect Programming Language:

First step for app development is to have enough knowledge of programming language. Android application is having base of xml and java languages so expertise in these languages will make you best programmer.

Java is an object oriented programming language so oop concept must be cleared for an effective and elegant programming documents. Through better understanding of java you can develop more sophisticated apps.

Understand and Improve Tools Skills:

Apart from expertise in programming language, excellent usage of tools and techniques matters lot. You are advised to be familiar with automation tools before you start app development. This will help to improve your code. You must be acquainted with Github like SVN repositories and their usage in programming.

You can use android app studio which provides list of functions for xml programming that will improve app functionality in form of innovation and uniqueness.

Suggested Setup or Requirements:

The most important and primary requirement is to set development environment and provide good platform for android apps, the main simple requirements are mac or windows pc, linux, eclipse, adt plugin, and android sdk etc. You can follow Google guideline for installation and can know the steps to create an environment of android app development.

Components to Control Fragmentation:

An app developer must have solid knowledge of android app components like activities, services and broadcast receivers to avoid fragmentation related issues during the process of development such as designing, coding and testing of an applications.

“It is the potential and bright future of android by which an app entrepreneurs will have excellent opportunities.”

So these were some basic and useful information for programmers who are ready for first step towards an app development, if your inner voice is asking you to choose android application as your future and if you have zeal, expertise and unique approach towards android apps development then Mage Spider is the right place for you to accomplish all your future dreams.

2. Let’s an Android Apps be the Cause of your Business Growth

Just imagine how the way of doing business will change, if you have certain situation where you are able to reach direct to your customers, enough sources are there for marketing/advertising, A to Z information of your service/product is available for customers and the other side you have limited sources, facilities for the same? You will note vast difference like speed of bullock cart and bullet train.

We are going to discuss here how your business is affected by the era of internet and massive technology today? Huge opportunities for the growth of your business are there because you have desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, web and mobile apps etc. Where you can communicate anywhere in the world within a second with a single touch of your figure. So let’s have look on how your business will get influenced by android mobile apps?

Why Android Apps?

Nobody can deny the fact that in very short span of time android has earned massive popularity, established its special space and created trust among the users. Here are given some reasons for that, it is Linux based open source platform that is available for free, easy to use and furthermore android SDK offers variety of ways to develop an apps for different industries like travel, multimedia, ecommerce and game etc.

As per study customers spend around 85 percent time on mobile apps. So there are number of reasons in favour of android app, so you don’t have any option but to develop an android app for your business because it is powerful medium to promote your business.

How Android App is Useful for Business Growth?

There are many ways where android apps can be proved helpful for the growth of your business such as advertising, customer retention, brand promotion and brand awareness etc. Apart from the growth opportunities of your business mobile apps create definite image and identity in the market of your service.

“Frequently update of an app is the only way to be among the first few.”

Points need to consider before you go for App Development:

As a business person you need to consider some points before you go for an app development for your business. Firstly you should think on how your app will affect to end users? How will it enhance user experience? How will it make your customers life easier? And at last how will it be beneficial to you in monetary terms? Means in future what will be return on investment of an app development?

So what are you waiting for? Put a perfect step for your business growth with the help of android app, turn your idea into reality and achieve your business goal. Mage spider has major solutions of all your business difficulties in form of android application development.

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