In today’s economy, people depend more than ever on their devices to get their daily tasks done.

Whether it’s managing their Gym Routine or their Planning a Social-Media Campaign. They do it all on the apps that make it most easy for them.

From Trello to Adobe Photoshop, these apps have been designed especially for the people who depend on their services or use it the most. This comes with greater engagement and much higher adoption among users.

Turns out, this small segment of users called “Super Users” is not so small after all. There are Tens of Millions of…

Joining us for this episode is Jiska Johanna (@jiskajohanna). She is an Entrepreneur Coach in Barcelona, Spain. She helps entrepreneurs turn their dreams and passions into viable businesses.

We will be talking about 3 integral steps to starting an online business.

Most people think that starting a side-hustle or an online business would be an extremely daunting task.
At the contrary, online businesses are not rocket science. It just needs the right mindset and consistently thriving for serving your customers.

With a myriad of tools and help around us, venturing out for your passion is no more a “wild-fantasy”. …

KoinKnight helps you identify arbitrage opportunities on CoinDCX

We heard you like Arbitrage trading and have seen quite a few of you doing that on our exchange. So we thought of making it simpler with the help of our friends at KoinKnight. This platform will let all our users identify various arbitrage opportunities that arise in different coins.

To enable better arbitrage trading experience, we’ve optimized our platform in various ways like lower withdrawal fees, faster deposits and withdrawals and highest liquidity in all coin pairs. …

Cryptosphere has seen quite an adventurous ride so far this year and with the recent regulations from the RBI, there surely is more excitement to come. A prominent outcome of everything that has happened so far is that Crypto-INR trading pairs may soon be completely taken down across almost all exchanges and crypto-crypto trading would be the available choice. And then the question arises-

“There are already many international crypto-crypto trading exchanges right? Why should I trade on any Indian exchange or particularly CoinDCX?”

It’s obvious to have this question and we have been asked this for quite sometime now…

Recorded Crypto Hacks & Thefts:

The rising price of cryptocurrency isn’t just attracting investors, but it’s also getting a lot of attention from hackers and online thieves. Many innocent investors have lost their coins to these hackers, with total figure amounting to Millions of dollars worldwide.

Few major Cryptocurrency thefts/hacks/breaches and their probable reasons:

  • February 2014–650,000 BTC ($368M on MT.GOX) [Speculated Reason: CEO could control all the funds. No multisignature security]
  • August 2016–119,756 BTC ($65M on [Speculated Reason: Too much trust on a Multi-Signature Hot Wallet.]
  • January 2018- $500 in Digital Tokens hacked on Coincheck Inc. [Speculated Reason: Single point of failure by an…

“In an unprecedented move, RBI on April 5th directed all institutions under it to stop dealing with individuals and businesses related to crypto-currencies.”

Said every news outlet on the evening of 5th April. This includes banks and other financial institutions and for all of us, it simply means that all banks will soon close down bank accounts of all Indian crypto exchanges.

Since the advent of blockchain technology, we all dreamt of a truly democratic world. A world where our fate would not be decided by a centralised entity but us. We all agreed that this peer-to-peer technology with state-of-the-art cryptography could change the world’s economy for good. It could fund revolutionary ideas that earlier could never see the light of the day. It could bring us all closer together to become a global citizen in a decentralised economy.

Unfortunately, Today RBI made an announcement against this true freedom. RBI in its first bi-monthly monetary policy has announced that any entity regulated…

WittyFeed launched Viral9 on 2011 to help content publishers (influencers) monetize their reach by posting links to articles/videos from Viral9 to their social media page. The more number of people engaged with the post, more money influencer earns. Simple model.

Bhavishya Garg

Head of User Experience at MX Player | Ex-Partner CoinDCX | Founder of TheNicheMind, LetsGrowBusiness | Product Design & Growth

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