Dear startup founder, you do not need a growth person
Willie Tran

Hey Willie Tran
Great article. This is exactly what our industry need. “Awareness” of what these terms mean. 
But personally, I feel that it’s a fair confusion. Job description you gave sounded more like a conversion optimisation specialist to me. A term which is clearer than Growth Manager.

I think the titles shall be:

Growth Marketer or User Acquisition Specialist: The one, as you mentioned, is responsible for getting more users to sign up or to drive more traffic with neat tactics that could be for short or long term.

Conversion Optimisation Specialist/ CRO Pro: The one who is responsible for running A/B Tests by analysing the product, users, their goals and all related research documents. Making sure they test their way to higher conversions and the good set of hypothesis.

Growth Person” for a layman will always be an umbrella term for a guy who makes their product grow in any which way. It could be traffic, conversions or even project management. We need to consider that and use proper titles, rather than umbrella words to people to not mistake us for someone else. 
What are your thoughts on this?
Other than that, absolutely loved your article. :)

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