Stages of the writing process


I hate you! I hate myself. Help me. Kill me. Leave me alone. I want to cry.

Holding a pen is an easy task, writing, on the other hand, is pretty difficult. There are many stages a writer goes through.

The Creative Stage: Wild imagination, brilliant plots, lots of writing.

The Factual Stage: Gather the facts, write.

The Funny Stage: I can’t write. Let’s crack a joke.

The Not so Funny Stage: I can’t write. Let’s write a depressing article.

The Copying Stage: Steal an idea. Write.

The Running Out of Ideas Stage: An idea is bulletproof. But I don’t have one. So I can’t even say the dialogue. Let’s send the same old pitch to every possible blog.

The Frustration Stage: This is shit. I am shit.

The Trying to Find Motivation Stage: Let’s look up the rejection letters of the famous writers. Feels motivated. Lots of Writing.

The Motivation withdrawal stage: Movies. Let’s watch movies.

Binging on Movies stage: Let’s keep on watching them. Ideas will come.

Crisis Stage: I can’t write. I don’t have a job. My boyfriend will leave me. Cries. Anyway, let’s watch movies.

Fuck the World Stage: I can’t write. Let’s watch movies.

End of Story Stage: Dies.