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Do you want to stop the inner chatter from messing you up?

You were giving the best to build your dream life, working hard day in and day out. But even if after you gained few more educational degrees or promotions, you find yourself trapped inside an endless corridor of meaninglessness.

You are dealing with anxiety and stress on a daily basis.

You live in a constant fear of breakdown.

You want to have less noise inside your head.

You are willing to do some inner work but you don’t seem to find the time.

You want to achieve a…

It was a usual day on my journey to become a digital marketer, I was excited to attend the next class from my coach Deepak. I was expecting to learn about some new tool, but was surprised at what I learnt in the class. it was a light bulb moment for me. I have been aspiring to build an online business for a long time now, I want to share my unique message with the world. When my friends got to know about my aspirations some time back I got questions like “Who is your target market?” , I just…

I had not planned to dive deep into this world of digital marketing so soon, put as a good opportunity to learn via internship came up. I took it up, even though it was a challenge for myself to fit this internship into my already busy schedule. Determined, I attended the first class live which started at evening 9pm and a lot was discussed over next 2 hours. It started with us first writing our goals for the program.

My first goal is to be the best possible marketer in this big vast digital world because I know that even…


Budding digital marketer

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