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I am sure the chair must have been waiting for passionate lovers like us ever since

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Touching, caressing, kissing, licking, love-making, you name it and we have done all these to a chair.

In the beginning, it was fun to do it with our in-house chairs until I and my best friend Nitz did the same to a luxurious lounge chair in the theatre. Oh, I tell you, there’s nothing in this world that can even compare to the feel of these chairs. Just imagine, the lights go off once the movie starts and it's just you and the chair you're sitting on.

Let the fun begin!

Let me paint a picture for all of you before I lead to the sauciest part of the story. I and my friend purchased tickets to a Bollywood Movie ‘Udta Punjab’ which translates to ‘Flying Punjab’. The flying was obviously metaphorical which I am sure you didn't take literally. …

I should have known it will backfire one day.

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I still remember the day I saw him for the first time. My first day in a post-graduate diploma course in Human Resources Management. All new faces around me. The class was filled with curious eyes and questions shot at point-blank range.

I was quiet though. I was overwhelmed with the newness of the whole situation. None of my old college friends to jibber-jabber with. I decided to just let my eyes scan the place quietly and wait for a professor to enter the classroom.

But wait, what did I see.

I saw two boys entering the class. The other one I didn't notice at all as the first one captured my full attention. He was clad in a leaf-green, loose-fitted college boy T-shirt, paired with a faded powder blue jeans. …

These quotes have an amazing ability to change how you feel about life

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Who can forget the mind blowing thriller investigative series of Criminal Minds?

It was one of the firsts of the series I had watched a decade back. In the beginning, I felt terrified to look at the dead bodies and when they showed the flashback of how the crime happened, I had tried to hide unsuccessfully behind my fingers.

Keeping all the thrillers and bone-chilling crimes aside, there was something that I really loved about the show. The quotes.

The quotes narrated at the beginning and end of each investigation not only hinted at what kind of crime would the episode depict but also gave an insightful thought to ponder upon. …


Bhavna Narula

Performing Arts Teacher. Kathak Dancer. Curious Learner. I am here to transform my thoughts into beautiful stories.❤

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