You know where 
The thorny bushes of your mind are
Guarded by which beautiful faces

You know the slippery road 
Laced with
four leaved clovers
Where you have 
broken your
Heart and hip
Many a times over

You know the voices 
That will rattle your calm 
And you know the songs 
You could run to 
For cover

You know the wounds that fester
And stains that reek
You know the cracks 
From which the 
Slimy undead desires

You know the rotten parts of you
You know the words 
You haven't said aloud

You know the bitter taste 
Of love 
And the sweet lure 
Of repeated failure

You know how time doesn't stop
And how it doesn't move 
How you stand still
No push, all shove

You know that
Life isn't cursed
It's actually quite 

Yet you whine 
And fritter the scarce dime 
On a story with 
No heroes 
On a tale of protracted woe
How you have lived ? 
You miserable hoe

Dreaming all the time 
Of an epic love 
Scribbling a poem 
Hidden in a cove

With long winded words 
That just 
Just don't rhyme.

#depression #selflove

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