An Ethical Voice to Make a Difference

We live in a world where ethics and morals are disappearing, where the easiest option becomes the right way, and what gives and provides profit is the final goal. We are creating a world where hope is lost and faith in humanity disappears, a world where we do not even know the atrocities our people commit, those acts that slowly kill us. While so many lose hope in making changes, or fixing what we know as the world today, there are so many others that would not stop fighting and believing that there is a chance to leave a mark and make a change. Those who dare to step up, the ones that want their voices to be heard, are the ones that create and generate an impact in society, they are the ones that step by step are making a difference.

But, who are they?

We are they, each one of us.

Today, we have been given a voice, a voice that did not exited before. With every advance in technology and the constant connection and interaction through the Internet, we now own a voice that can be heard and shared. One of the ways to share our voices and what we want to say is with a collective power called participatory journalism. Participatory Journalism or also called citizen journalism is based upon public citizens “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information.” We are now able to connect with the world and actively share news and information that we feel is worth sharing, information that we think people should know about. But as we gain a new level of power, real responsibilities appear. If we want to share our voices, we must share them with ethics.

From the article How Participatory Journalism Turns News Consumers into Collaborators by Olivia Koski showed below, I agree with the notion of the power that participatory journalism has and its impact, but I would add how this power must be used and the consequences if it does not follow ethical principles.

Why the emphasis on ethics? Why is it so important?

When we think about the reasons why journalism exists and why we want to share news and information, we come to the conclusion that we want to create this connection between people, where no matter where you are you will know what is happening around you, providing a sense of union and knowledge. This connection does not necessarily need to be positive, sadly, bad things happen every day in more places than they should happen, but by only knowing and accompanying those who suffer we gain consciousness of those that are around us. This consciousness can make a huge difference for a lot of people´s lives and that is why, for me, journalism exists. Participatory Journalism gives us the opportunity to make a change, a positive one. The problem about this amazing idea is when ethics is lost and then information in not reliable anymore. Honesty loses the war and curiosity plays the wrong card. That is why ethics are so important, if we have a voice that could change and impact those around us, we must use our words wisely and always keep in mind that consequences are real. The easy way and path, no matter how tempting, is usually the wrong one.

The world and our society is in need, in need of strong and ethical voices who dare to go against those that are destroying our peace and freedom. If you feel powerless when you look up into their eyes, remember your voice will be heard because and remember you are not alone. A group of voices will become a shout, and a group of shouts will never be shut up.