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An idea of how the lift system will work.

Remember the glass elevator in the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory. The elevator that Mr.Willy Wonka used to move throughout his factory. Well, this idea is now not limited to the screen and in fact, is implemented inside a purpose-built innovation test centre in Germany. The revolutionary discovery is made by Thyssen Krupp.
Vertical Elevator has always been a very underrated discovery. Remember it solved the issue of space when the population of earth was just increasing. It has not always got the credit it deserved. However, the magnitude of this innovation is too big to get ignored.
The cabins are magnetized, and they move on a magnetized track. Using linear motor technology the cabins move up one shaft, travel horizontally and then come down another in a continuous loop. The elevator is known as multi. It is said to have 50% higher transport capacity and reduce power
demand up to 60%. Also since it does not run on cables, it requires less space than the conventional elevators.
What’s great is that a real estate company has already agreed to be its first customer. If successful then the change in the architecture and design industry would not be anything like we have seen before. Be ready to see a significant change in the way we live.

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