My Magical Number

So my manuscript got rejected again. Unlike the first few times, which was so disappointing that it made me wonder whether my work was worth even trying again, this time was different. I was waiting for it as much as I was the last few times. The only difference was expectation, or should I say, the lack of it. I wasn't expecting any outcome, so I wasn't disappointed at all.

I decided to look at it this way- every single rejection from a publishing house was one step closer to that magical number that was meant to be, whether be it 13 like it was for J.K. Rowling, or 39, like it was for Margaret Mitchell.

So I made a promise to myself; every time I go through rejection, I will send my work to one more publisher, so that I don’t run out before I arrive at my magical number.

I don’t know my magical number, but I do know that it exists, that magical number does exist and I have to keep going until I reach it. I just can’t give up.