We Should All Write More Letters
Matthew Miller

For the past few days, I have been reading letters of Keats that he wrote to his colleagues and to Fanny Brawne, with whom he was romantically involved; letters of Gandhi that he sent to Hitler; and the letters exchanged between Gandhi and Einstein. Reading those letters stirs up a feeling of nostalgia in you. They make you long for those times.

I live in India. A few years ago, the telegram service was shut down by the government as nobody used it anymore. On the last day of its functioning, a lot of people sent telegrams to themselves or to their friends or families. I also wanted to send a telegram but I couldn’t go to the post office that day. I still regret not going.

Then today, I came across your article. You’ve beautifully conveyed that even in the digital age that we live in, communicating by letters instead of emails or texts is very practical and that it’s something that we all should try. I must say I am definitely going to write letters. I’ll write to friends with whom I only talk over texts or to an artist whose work I’ve enjoyed.

Your article was very inspiring.

Thank you.

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