The economic system in every country is getting better as each country gets information to advance the industry to support the development done by the country itself. To support the country’s development by building a strong infrastructure, it needs huge funding to be supported by strong banking.

Looking at the above understanding, we see how the banking has an important role that helps develop in a country. Speaking of banking, then first we know what the definition of the bank or financial institution itself. Banks and financial institutions are institutions that collect public funds and inculcate them in the form of other financial assets, such as credit, securities, current accounts and other productive assets.

Banking management is a science that is more focused in regulating all activities of absorption or collection of funds, the implementation of financial transaction traffic, debt disbursement accounts and currency exchange to be more effective in achieving the goals that have been made.
In regulating the financial system, there are several activities undertaken by a bank, including collection and withdrawal of funds, establishing any policies governing the withdrawal of savings and channeling credit activities, creating savings plans, managing foreign funds and own funds, and managing the balance Between primary investment and bank funds.

We can see that management in banking is essentially regulating all forms of financial activity of the bank itself. This is done so that there is no excessive hoarding of funds in the bank or its customers. Financial management conducted at the bank one of them is the operational activities related to transactions made by the customer. Customer transaction arrangement is intended for services performed bank can be appropriate and satisfy customers.
This is what drives the Change team to offer a decentralized project with blockchain technology as one of the banking revolutions.

What is Change?
Change is a crypto bank offering a wide range of financial services including a bank card, investment opportunities on a global marketplace, cryptocurrencies, insurance and more.

At Change, we are building the first global bank, providing a revolutionary service to people from all around the world. Our mission is to remove borders in the financial sector, and to ensure that every citizen has access to alternative financial services, finally ending the artificial monopoly created by local regulators and traditional banks.

What is Change Wallet?
The Change Wallet is a multi-asset blockchain wallet supporting a growing number of cryptocurrencies. Users are able to send and receive cryptocurrencies as well as pay for products and services to merchants accepting Mastecard© payments.

How does Change Wallet work?
The wallet is created seamlessly upon signing up with Change. Users can access their wallets through the Change phone app. Payments and investments can be easily made through the app by entering the recipient’s address or by using a QR-code. Cryptocurrency balances can be checked similarly to the bank mobile apps.

Are my funds safe?
Change wallets are secured by applying the highest industry standards. The funds are secured by a combination of hot and cold storage solutions. Change user wallets are further protected by multi-signature (P2SH) solution providing high security and HD features providing additional privacy.

How do I set up my account?
Setting up an account with Change is quick & easy. Simply download the app, key in required details and your account along with the blockchain wallet is all set up.

How do I transfer cryptocurrencies to my Change account?
Upon setting up an account with Change, every user receives a wallet address. If a user has assets in other wallets, they can just transfer them to the new wallet using the address provided by Change.

What is Change Marketplace?
The Change marketplace allows users to invest into stocks, P2P loans, real-estate or other investments directly from the Change mobile app.Investing is simple. Users will access the marketplace through the Change phone app, they then scan for investment opportunities, find an investment they like and decide upon the investment sum. Upon investing, the user will send cryptocurrencies into the designated wallets.Change wallets and investment accounts are secured by industry-standard security solutions both on the blockchain side and the TPSP side.

Initial coin offering (ICO)
The Change Token Sale will start on the 16th of September 7PM SGT time. The pre-sale will take place a few weeks prior to the sale with the exact date and time to be announced soon via email. Make sure you are subscribed to Change’s updates.
To take part of the ICO you will have to send ether to a predestined address. Due to security concerns, this address will be shown promptly prior to the launch of the pre-sale. It is advised to triple-check the public address upon sending ether to make sure funds are not mistakenly sent to an address with very similar characters used by bad actors.

That is a brief review taken from official sites which of course is a bold breakthrough in banking transactions based on blockchain technology that will enliven the world of finance and banking around the world.For more detailed information and details please visit LINK below This as a reference material to see the opportunities in investing.

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