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There are more and more references on various information channels to chat-bots being programs -interlocutors who communicate with a person in his language, and fulfill various requests. They provide news, exchange rates, can pick up a suitable flight, a book, music, order goods, translate a word and even find a pair.
Messenger services are current leaders in the use of chat bots. This line of business is experiencing rapid growth, primarily due to the fact that number of users of instant messengers has exceeded the number of users of social networks since 2015, when the active monthly user number for the four largest messengers surpassed social network figures: about 2.9 billion versus about 2.4 billion users.Currently, messengers are entering the monetization phase and, according to experts’ forecasts, they will be able to replace 80% of the functionality of classic applications and social networks within several years.
Modern chat bots have reached great heights in technical innovation. They use advanced developments in the analysis of natural language and speech, have advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence and are capable of self-learning.

The world’s largest corporations are engaged in the development of these
technologies. For example, last May Microsoft conducted the largest-scale Turing test in history. The corporation invited Chinese users to make friends with their smart chat-bot Xiaoice. For six months more than 40 million people talked to an electronic girl via the WeChat messenger and the Chinese microblogging service Weibo. 26% of data in the communication core of Xiaoice comes from its own communication with people, and 51% comes from a database of standard human communication scenarios .

This August, Facebook began testing a digital assistant within its messenger — an intelligent program that processes text inquiries in a natural language , helping users 4 to make purchases, book tickets, taxis and tables in restaurants. In addition to Facebook, Google and Apple are also actively developing chat bots. Slack and Telegram are leading in the market for more simple bots. Many simple chat rooms have been created, for example for image searches or reminders. An additional factor in popularizing the use of chat bots within instant messengers is the support of large businesses. For the sake of quick and accurate answers people are ready to communicate with seller-bots, consultant-bots or secretary-bots. Online chat and messaging applications are the most preferred way to contact a seller for 29% of Americans. In other countries, this indicator is still lower, but gradually more
and more people start to prefer chat bots . If a bot is able to communicate clearly 5 and understands the person correctly, there is no special need to hire an additional employee. Referring to representatives of a brand for advice, an employee often responds according to a template. There is no need to hire live employees who answer with learned speech — such personnel are indistinguishable from robots, but they still need wages, days off and vacations. According to forecasts by Market Research Future, the world market for chat bots will grow by 37% by 2023 and reach a turnover of $6 billion. Using bots to effectively communicate with customers on digital channels is only gaining momentum and it will open broad prospects for business in the near future.

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