Tranding me — Earn TRANDS with your fashion,style and attire…

With mobile users uploading photos on various social networking apps, a new form of self-expression was born and is blooming right now. In 2014, a study stated that 657 billion photos were uploaded that year. Another study tells us 1.2 trillion photos will be uploaded by the end of 2017. Since the adoption of the internet and the creation of online marketplaces, the cost of running an ecommerce store is lower compared to starting a brick and mortar business. It’s also easier for a new seller or retailers to venture into business quickly going the ecommerce route. Online shopping in countries like India is growing, with a young population earning good incomes on the back of an Information Technology and Startup boom in the country, leaves a huge market to still tap for online retailers. The current generation and the ones to come are focused on a pro-entertainment life, part of which includes embracing nightlife and fashion and expressing themselves across various social networking apps, some of these apps get outdated or out of style in time and there always is a new app around to captivate. is built on fundamentals that can captivate and can also last. provides hip and trendy users a platform to express style, attire and fashion through their photography. Users get rewarded for participating in the community in the form of a new crypto currency called TRENDS, which can then be used to purchase clothing and accessories on trend stores(e-commerce stores) within the network.

The​ ​Community

Users can post photos and content efficiently and across various user defined categories(tags) and pre-determined sections. Posting options also include location and people tagging. Algorithms which evolve over time will enrich content discovery and showcase relevant content. Users discovering content can heart(upvote), comment on the posts they appreciate making posts popular or “Trending”, this activity is also rewarded with TRENDS. A 3-flag rule ensures that a user with a post flagged more than 2 times is deactivated automatically and a request is sent to the content audit team. Over time image detection technology will be used to weed out offensive and pornographic content that will harm the community. Technology that learns and community vigilance will be used to keep a clean community where the most trending and relevant photos appear at the forefront and the best content and participation gets rewarded.

TRENDS​ ​and​ ​it’s​ ​use​ ​case

TRENDS will be the crypto-currency used on the network, TRENDS is an Ethereum-based token, there are only 61 million TRENDS available. TRENDS are used to reward users for their activity on Trend Stores accept payment in the form of TRENDS and pay for advertisements in TRENDS Distribution of 61 Million TRENDS 26,000,000 will remain in the Trend Pool towards user rewards in the first year — 15,000,000 will be issued during crowd sale — 10,000,000 will be issued to merchants while onboarding trend stores to the marketplace — 5,000,000 will be retained by the Core Team — 5,00,0000 will be used for bounties and marketing effort


A total of 15 million TRENDS will be issued during ICO scheduled between 15th Sept 2017 to 20th Oct 2017. Price : 3000 TRENDS = 1 ETH A Bonus of 25% TRENDS will be awarded for investments made in the first 2 weeks of ICO The ETH we aim to raise during ICO is an equivalent dollar value of ~$1.5 Million, the money will be used for the following — Building a strong technology team, bringing in more leadership to support rapid development of the network — Execute marketing plans we have to onboard users, merchants and celebrity bloggers and trendsetters

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