I agree with pretty much all the responses, everyone has valid points.
Fabian Sandoval

First of all, please never apologize for giving us sincere feedback. I love it. That’s the whole point of putting information out there. I’ll skip pricing because I’ve answered it in some of the other responses and I don’t want to seem repetitive. I’ll also skip branding because that one has a million opinions and is best (and more fun) if discussed over beers.

On concessions, we definitely struggled with lines initially and have dramatically improved them. We LOVE food trucks too and we’ve learned a ton in this regard around certain inherent limitations from things such as permitting which makes it harder to make money on a single-day event. Permitting for events is structured in a way that is conducive for a multi-day event. A food truck pays a single fee for a 5-day concert. They pay that same amount for a single game. As you can quickly imagine, the food truck can make a lot more money with 5 straight days of sales versus paying the same amount and trying to make money in 90 minutes worth of sales during a game. We’re working on improving the economics with that. Additionally, a vendor that might be perfect for a 5-day concert might not work for a 90-minute event because in 90-minutes it’s ALL about volume and incredibly quick turn-around, especially in a no-time-out sport like soccer. Therefore, we’re working on finding the best vendors for these limitations and finding ways to improve their economics.

On your question about the league…we need a bottle of scotch to tackle that topic since the soccer ecosystem in the U.S. is quite complicated. I 100% agree with your comments on regional rivalries and the effect certain players can have on attracting segments of fans. When it comes to soccer, the two words I most advocate for are Transparency and Collaboration. The structure of soccer is SO OVERDUE for collaboration, in my humble opinion. I’m very hopeful that it will happen in the not-so-distant future. Having 3 competing leagues in the same sport is very damaging and I hope the powers that be take lessons from NFL-AFL, NBA-ABA, AL-NL, NHL-WHL since I think collaboration and re-alignment would be incredibly beneficial to players, fans, youth development, etc.

Again, loved the directness and sincerity. Thank you Fabian.

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