Brian — I genuinely appreciate your transparency in sharing this, and your leadership in bringing a…
Nate Rosenbloom

Hey Nate. You get it because you’re experiencing it. The Bay Area is an amazing reason because it has so many options which obviously makes it more challenging for any venture here that needs material mindshare. I think your comments are very valid. I really like where your heading with your comments. As I’ve thought about that path, one of the things that becomes increasingly important to recognize is that the majority of successful minor league baseball teams are in much smaller and less expensive markets. I think the economics work in a less expensive market with fewer options, because at that point you can charge much lower ticket prices and people are likely to attend more games because there are fewer options.

Appreciate your suggestions around game scheduling. Unfortunately, it would take another full post to explain all of those details. In short, scheduling games is a lot more complicated because there are limitations based on the league and based on our venue. I’ll give you one example, since our venue is a shared venue and has very limited storage, we need to bring everything in, set it up and then take it down, and ship it back each game. The gameday team (of truly amazing rockstars) are at it at 6 am to be ready for 5 pm kickoff and then there until 2:30 am to take everything down. Moving kick-off to 2 pm would increase costs meaningfully and mean the gameday team would start at 3 am. BRUTAL. This is just one consideration/limitation.

I think the case you’re making is very valid and probably would also benefit from taking that approach and doing it in a less expensive and less competitive (in terms of out-of-home entertainment options) market. Thanks again for your thoughts. Much appreciated.

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