Uh…it’s not your fans’ job to sell tickets for you, man.
Jason Kostalos

Hi Jason. Thanks for the response. I completely, whole-heartedly, 100% agree that this is ultimately MY responsibility. No question. Nothing different ever crossed my mind. Please know that my intent with the post was NEVER to shift blame/responsibility. Not at all. This post was to provide transparency to fans around our efforts and share that there may be ways fans can help our efforts. We’ve definitely have and continue to push on all the initiatives you mentioned.

If this wonderful dream doesn’t work ultimately, then it’s definitely my responsibility and I would share details on all my lessons, mistakes, successes, etc. to help future efforts. One thing that is very important for me is to always do things in a very intentional way and to never have any regrets. Therefore, if things don’t work out, I would have always regretted not sharing details with fans because you never know how fans might be able to help unless you ask. Additionally, I feel responsible to share information to the many people who have a vested interest in the success of the club. In fact, the data and charts in the post are the exact same that I have shared internally and with investors. I firmly believe that the fans have a right to know this type of information.

Thanks again for calling me out. Please know, in my mind, it was so obvious that I bear the ultimate responsibility that I didn’t think it was necessary to mention. I should have made that crystal clear.

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