Starting a new year: Let’s get a new career going

It has turned into a new year and I couldn’t be happier! Why? Hopefully this year means a new job.

I’ve gone through a bootcamp for web development and now it’s time to see if they have prepared me for this grueling test of getting a job. So far, I’ve managed to paste my resume and portfolio all over “The City Beautiful” in hopes of one bite. So far, only one “test” sent to me that I had zero clue how to approach. In the end, I got frantic and went in the absolute wrong direction on how to pass the test. Lesson #1 learned on testing: Take a deep breath!

Now, I sit here, after posting up for 6 more jobs. It’s gonna get tough to continue this if I don’t even hear back from most of these companies. I really don’t expect anything amazing from their rejection, but a simple “nope” would work!

Keeping my head up regardless. It’s not gonna be easy, but I know that whoever does hire me, will be getting a very determined, focused, (nervous) and “ready to learn” kind of guy.

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