A Few Things I’d do to Make Medium More Better.

Hi, elizabeth tobey!

  1. Improve feature images: The user should be able to drag the image to the appropriate size or upload a separate featured image to represent the story. Right now, most of my images get cut off.
  2. You still can’t “like” something without re-blogging it to your entire follower base: Sometimes you just want to give someone props for an article.
  3. I miss the old text-editing features: Like text-align, more font sizes, etc. Now, all the stories are starting to look the same.
  4. More image wrapping capabilities: You can only wrap an image on the left or center it. What if you want to put it on the right? What if you want to make the text wrap around an image for a poem?
  5. Let’s make some money! I know you’re stilling rolling this out with the “big guys”. But as an indie writer, it’d sure be nice to start earning revenue on your platform.

Just some thoughts!