Bit by Bit

Greetings, Friends! I know, I know, it’s been way too long, but I wanted to publish a quick little update into my life and to share one simple idea with you.

What have I been doing lately?

I’m currently coming off of a two-week vacation from my job at the bank here in San Francisco. In that time, I’ve traveled to Amsterdam (see obligatory bike photo) and Seattle. I’ve cleared out over two-thousand unread emails from my inbox, organized my room a-la Marie Kondo, and have just been savoring my last few days of relaxation before it’s back to real life.

Perhaps my favorite thing about having some free time is the capacity to do some serious uninterrupted macro-thinking. Asking questions like: “Where am I right now?”, “Where am I going?”, and “What changes to I need to make to make sure I’m still on the right path?” Because when you get so caught up in the day-to-day stresses and duties of life, it’s really difficult to carve out the necessary time to reflect.

That said, I’ve emerged from my reflecting refreshed with some new focus to bring to my work. The only problem is, and I’ll use the statue of David to metaphorically represent this, is here’s my ambition:

And here’s where I feel like I stand right now:

Which means, even if with the utmost clarity of where you want to go, professionally or otherwise, it still means there’s an overwhelming amount work between points A and B.

Where I think a lot of people get this wrong is obsessing too much with the end result (David). Of course it’s good to plan , but if your focus is too far down the path, it’s really easy to trip over the sticks right under your feet.

So, my best advice to myself and anyone else reading this struggling with the same angst of not getting where you want to go fast enough, is to (first take a deep breath) continuously return to the smallest task at hand.

Nobody carves David with one swing of the hammer. Even Michelangelo needed lots of little chips and an enormous amount of time.

So I suppose my bottom line here is this; all the little things add up. And once you subscribe to focusing on the small steps, you instantly relieve a ton of the pressure from trying to reach your biggest goals overnight.

Hopefully I’ll have more ideas for you soon as I’m always learning new things and strategies for navigating modern life. As always, thank you for continuing to read my blog, and sharing your thoughts with me.

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