How to build your social media presence-Complete guide

Social media has enormously changed the course of human life. There was a time when the sad news of a beloved’s demise would reach months later traveling across several seas and oceans, whereas now, messages are sent faster than the speed of stimuli. so let’s talk about social media presence.

Connect with People by Social Media Presence

The social media presence is a dire necessity in this 21st ultra urbane tech-savvy century. It is quick, transparent, never failing, informative, alerting, and educational and the list is endless. At no juncture in the human history has humankind ever been able to engage, reach and connect with people both locally and globally.

Instant Communication

Instant communication is the most important feature of social media, conversations in real time between business partners, clients, members, customers etc. offers an opportunity to gain more understanding, share ideas and interests, enabling the skill of analyzing and refining trends, services, and products to suit the market value. The presence of the brands in the social media makes it more demonstrative and accessible promising loyalty to the consumer’s needs and making the business a better competitive place with the feedbacks.


Advertisement, another remarkable feature of the social media has made lives easy. Ads on social media have promoted brands to profits of billions; have helped people in creating new business, endorsements, and deals. Touching videos, professional photographs, and contents are rapidly shared in the social media, which not only increase the recognition and value of the brand but also boosts the number of the customers.

Social Media Platforms

Apart from improving sales, the presence of brands on different social media also helps in providing the ability to access the brand’s web page through more other users. There are different ways to build a brand on different social media. Below is a simple guide for various social media platforms.


It is the biggest and the most powerful social network in the world almost the size of Germany.


Adverts can be created on Facebook for brand awareness objective which helps in connecting with an audience who are most likely expected to recall the advert- this depends on how long the user looks at the page. First, make a passion page related to a relevant passion.

Engage the Visitors

Users are usually willing to like a page with similar interest than an unknown brand. Share and post interesting, organic and evergreen content on the page to engage the visitors, with time when the views increase simply share some blog posts of the brand more related to the passion; this will easily make the users visit the brand site. The advert launched now will find a good place, as the traffic to the brand has increased.

Increase Traffic

With social media presence increase in traffic run more advertisements for the brand aiming the website visitors for page likes, opt-ins, driving traffic, and sales. Likes are a very important factor on Facebook for brands as they show the credibility, authenticity, and popularity of the brand. A brand’s image can simply be determined by the number of the ‘k’ and ‘M’ likes it has.


Regular likes ending up in more than thousands and millions show the future potential for business, Facebook fans are usually potential customers and to see the best results to boost, the promotional dollar is an excellent idea. Likes also beat the competitors on Facebook creating a competitive advantage. Likes also bring up high search engine ranking factor promoting the brand not only on Facebook but other social media.


With 255m active monthly users, Twitter is commonly known as a fastest growing ‘in moment platform’, the best Twitter hack is to be real quick, smart, and well engrossed in grooming in using exact words precisely.

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