Lunch and Cocktails in Midtown At Centro Bar and Kitchen

Jason Bailey, a manager and bartender at Centro Bar and Kitchen in Midtown, Reno, uses the bar’s extensive resources to create unique cocktails with unconventional combinations of flavors such as this bay leaf, mezcal, lime, chartreuse, and egg white concoction.

Located between nighttime hotspots St. James Infirmary, 1864, and The Loving Cup, Centro Bar and Kitchen experiences busy dinner shifts with periodic lunchtime rushes. Garage-style roll up windows lining the front of the restaurant lend to a very open dining experience. Dreary weather in the wintertime removes this element, causing a dip in business, especially during lunch.

Using locally sourced ingredients, Centro creates new dishes daily that reflect seasons, trends, and the tastes of the head chef. While the food is generally very well received, some customers wish some of the items remained on the menu for longer. “I wish you still had the ginger scallops,” one customer was overheard saying to the waitress.

The juxtaposition of interior pieces such as upcycled glass racks with a polished bar top, fits in with the funky 80’s remixed soundtrack infused with modern twists playing over the speakers located throughout the restaurant.

Midway through the lunch service, poor weather causes the power to go out. Sous chef Trevor barely seems to notice as he continues to cook for the remaining patrons.

Patrons barely seem to notice as well as they simply look around, shrug, and continue imbibing, eating, and conversating for the remainder of their Centro experience. “ Just because the power is out doesn’t mean I can’t get another drink right?” a patron said.

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