3 Reasons Why Having a Wall Street Journal Subscription is Important

The Wall Street Journal is an American daily-newspaper company. The company is based in New York and is business focused. Although the newspaper industry is dying, continuing to follow and read the Wall Street Journal can have many benefits. You don’t have to be a stock broker, or a business enthusiast to gain these benefits from the WSJ; anyone can gain valuable information from it. In this article I will talk about 3 ways i personally benefit from it as a college student.

1. The WSJ allows for me to know what is happening in the world around me

While being stuck on campus in dorms its easy to forget that there is in fact an outside world outside of this oasis of learning. Because of this i tend to not really worry about anything outside of my classes or the homework that i have to do later in the day. However, the Wall Street Journal allows for me to learn what all is happening as a country and even internationally. For example: in the past week WSJ had posted a news article about an Israel-based start up company named Eviation is planning to develop self-flying planes. If this company was able to develop this sort of technology with in the next couple of years then it would be a huge break through in modern transportation and in the flying industry.

2. The WSJ gives me the chance to to learn more about the business field and what plans bigger corporations or making recently

Since the Wall Street Journal is in fact a business-based newspaper, they tend to have a lot of information on the current “what is” in the business world. This includes information about specific stock indexes (or stocks in general), information about different economic predictions, or even information about simple saving tips. One recent article that helps display this is one about a company called Stitch Fix, a company that sends its customers clothing that they by via mail, had announced that their annual sales have nearly reached 1 billion dollars. This is a big deal in the business world. This lets shareholders know that their company that they have invested in is doing well, while also letting individuals know that they need to get on the band wagon before they are left behind. This could also be a just a good thing to know to continue a conversation with someone.

3.The WSJ lets me know if something big is about to happen, whether it be an economic change, or a way of life change

The Wall Street Journal has a ton of individuals who work together to analyze the current state of the economy, and through this they make predictions on how the economy will react to incentives in the future. A good example of this in the recent news is an article about a firm by the name of Harriman Capital who is planning to invest a large amount of money into a company that rents singular rooms rather than full apartments. If this company were to take off and become a common thing among bigger cities, then it may end up change how we, as a society interact with one another within a living commodity setting. This sort of living condition could also be a more affordable alternative to living with roommates in apartments.

In conclusion

In conclusion, I feel that the Wall Street Journal is an important to anyone’s life. Its handy to have the knowledge that the Wall Street Journal provides in many different aspects in life. Its also a good to know what is going on outside of my college grounds and to know that the world is still moving forward even though I’m stuck in 3 weeks of papers.