Nursing (or nurses do)

​Nursing is a strange department. This field attracts a certain kind of person who is physically out of date. Do you remember hair chunking? Nurses do. They also remember spiky bleached hair and rectangular glasses. They will cut you off mid-sentence to throw an insult at you and can only tolerate normal people.

I have a lot of experience working with nursing students and as a whole, they are the rudest. They have excuses for everything that doesn’t go their way. This makes me very nervous:

Family: Why did my family member die? They only had strep throat?
Nurse: Look, things have been really hard for me — I have to clean my house, clean my children, and go through a fast food drive-thru three times a day. I don’t have time to administer medicine that patients might need and honestly I don’t care.

The most shocking thing about them is that they are going to school to prolong the life of obese people and kill healthy people.

I just did a google search for “why are nurses so…”

and this came right up:

- fat
- mean to each other
- mean

True, but another good question is:

Why are pre-nurses so mean? These students are unbearable.


Why are nurses so homophobic?

I have seen nurses try to defend themselves on various online message boards. They say they aren’t mean, that they are just acting like a sort of parent. I think this sounds too condescending to be helpful.

Maybe nurses don’t act like this outside of Texas. Texas is pretty rough.

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