Matt Cain is done, but will still get a crack at the #5 rotation spot for the Giants:

There was a period of time where Matt Cain was one of the most consistent pitchers in all of baseball. He went 7 seasons in a row throwing more than 200 innings, the last one being 2013. The last 3 years have been a disaster though, and the Giants have had no option (due to his massive contract where he makes 21 million per year), but to keep him around and hope that he gets healthy and back to his old form where he was an all-star and a top of the rotation guy. 2017 is the last year of this 6 yr/127 million dollar contract that has folded for the Giants, and he looks worse than ever.

Cain’s Spring Training ERA is an ugly 8.10, spring training stats are often misleading. Cain’s spring training has just been consistent with the product he has put on the field the past few years. Which is inconsistency, he’ll look great one inning, and then the next he won’t be able to even make it out of the inning.

Although there hasn’t been a final decision made yet on if Cain will be given job, it is looking like he will atleast get a chance to begin the year. That is for the sole reason that he is under his last year of his contract and the organization does not want to pay him 21 Million if he is making no contribution at all. I personally don’t understand the decision, Cain’s competitor is Ty Blach. A 24 year old lefty who’s stuff doesn’t wow anyone but is a solid back of the rotation guy. Last year he outdueled Clayton Kershaw to clinch the playoffs for the Giants. I think that the Giants should just admit there mistake, cut Cain instead of giving him another chance. If they hold on to him there is a 99% chance that he does not get back to where he was in his prime, and him causing the Giants to lose games early in the season could hurt them down the road. It looks like the organization is going to give him one last chance though, so lets hope he’s back to the version of Matt Cain us Giants fans all love.

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