My questions about the World Baseball Classic:

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the World Baseball Classic. Which is baseball’s version of the World Cup where Countries around the world compete against eachother to see who is the best country in the world. I have a problem with the fact that there is no appreciation for the potential of the WBC, baseball is one of the biggest sports in the world, this event should be a way bigger deal than it currently is.The World Cup is the second biggest sporting event after the Olympics. I’m in no way saying that I thing the WBC should be as big as the World Cup, because that is simply not possible considering that it seems as if soccer always has and always will be the biggest sport in the world. I do think that the World Baseball Classic can be a great sporting event, here’s how.


One of the reasons that the WBC is not largely advertized and well known is because of the fact that there has only been 3 of them and it has only been around for 11 years, the first one being in 2006 when Japan one the very first of the tournaments. I think after a few more people will start to recognize that this could be a great tournament and as more tournaments happen, there will be some great games and great moments that can gather the attention of those who were turned away since the tournament has not been very relevant worldwide yet.

Everyone should play:

It doesn’t make sense to me that so many of the games greats don’t play in the WBC. Especially American players, arguably the three best and most well known baseball players, Mike Trout, Clayton Kershaw, and Bryce Harper are not participating in this years WBC, as well as many other notable names. Why would all these great players not want to represent their country, in any activity or sport it is an honor to represent your country and I don’t really understand all these players who choose not to participate reasoning. In order for this event to truly grow, the game’s greats, the faces of baseball need to play. If that happens then the sky is the limit for how great of a tournament this can be.


If the two things I mentioned above go as planned then this will need to happen as well in order for this tournament to be where it really should be. If I wasn’t a huge baseball fan I wouldn’t even know that the WBC was a thing. People who aren’t football fans know when the Super Bowl is, people who aren’t soccer fans know when the World Cup is. The International Baseball Federation (IBAF)needs to do a better job advertising and promoting their product. Maybe they aren’t because they don’t like the product that is currently being put on the field, but as it continues to improve so does the promoting, everyone needs to know when and where this is happening if the IBAF wants their tournament more well represented.

My prediction:

Out of the three tournaments the U.S. the country that founded baseball has not won yet, I think that this is finally the year they win. Although not every great American is playing this year, there are a lot of really good players on this team including Buster Posey and Giancarlo Stanton.

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