Liam Gallagher reveals title of new album but do we really care?

Taking to twitter this morning the loudmouth Mancunian and marginally less talented Gallagher brother announced the title of his new solo album, ‘the name of my fab new record is AS YOU WERE”.

It’s been a long time coming since the last Liam Gallagher work which was with Beady Eye, but it begs the question — is anyone really bothered about this ageing fool?

Even in their prime Liam was always in the shadow of his brothers talents. Noel writing the majority of the Oasis songs had far superior talents compared to his tambourine-hugging brother. Towards the end of Oasis the cracks started to appear and Noel often had to carry performances on his own while Liam sat on an amp with his head in his hands with the realization that he would never play the part in creating anything decent again without the influence of his brother.

Liam’s solo work with Beady Eye never lived up to the expectation and was forever eclipsed by Noel’s solo work with the high flying birds. Just like his previous solo records, ‘As You Were’ is destined to flop without the direction and influence of his brother. We shouldn’t care about a failing and ageing musician who is 20 years past his peak, and should instead be focusing and supporting the emerging talent within the industry.

Last week 23-year-old Stormzy had a number one album with ‘Gang signs and prayers’ which show more than ever that we should be focusing on our young talent rather than ageing rockstars.

Stormzy’s debut album was a triumph like no other for independent British music. Produced by his very own record label called ‘Merky records’ it was a sign of resilience against the major record labels and the first triumph for independent music.

From the marketing to the production to the lyrics and to the featured artists the album was a masterpiece from start to finish. The billboards and pop up shows across London were far more effective then any marketing campaigns from major record labels. Further, the album was the most streamed album in history of number ones showing the shift in power within the industry.

On the other side of London sits BBK (Boy Better Know) another independent record label set up by JME and his brother Skepta. Once again it is dominated by grim and is a sign of the future. Recognition has come from the likes of Drake and Kanye West, with Kanye inviting the majority of BBK on stage with him.

Even huge talents like Ed Sheeran are dominating the world of talent and selling out arenas across the globe so it is a surprise to see so many focusing on the semi-retired rockstar Liam Gallagher.

Gallagher can often be seen berating and weighing in on any issues on twitter these days just for some craved exposure from his middle-aged divorced dad based fan base. It is almost sad to see someone so stuck in trying reignite a flame that has been out for so long. Gallagher need to realise that he is no longer relevant and is nothing without his brother. His new album will struggle to break the top 10 when it comes out and is destined to be underwhelming. Gallagher should retire now before he continues to embarrass himself.

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