Lessons Learnt

Hello there, sure your day has been great?

I have been really busy at my end here trying to put myself and my tasks together. Today marks the end of the second phase of the boot camp. It’s been a long time coming… Well, so it looks. I can’t believe it’s been just 3? 4? 5? days… while it seems like I have been doing this for ages.

Today, I had to learn html and css in order to develop a simple UI. A huge part of my day has gone with the learning and building process. Yet I have about two tasks left. I am trying not to overthink my situation. I just hope I find a way around them as fast as can be.

It’s been my longest week of 2017 (lol). I have mastered to a reasonable extent, concepts like git (for better collaboration and version control) and gotten more depth of java-script syntax. My programming logic has also improved, and I feel connected to some of my colleagues in the boot camp (thanks to slack). They saved my soul many times.

I guess I will articulate my thoughts on it better when I have the time to settle down. Right now, the only thing in my head is completing my other two tasks. Today also, thanks for reading.

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