As humans, we love the idea of ownership. When we find something or someone that we love and can’t imagine our life without, we want to hold on to it and never let go. I have seen a lot of friends fall away from their faith because they placed all their faith in a person rather than Christ. I think that we have all fallen susceptible to this in one way or another. We tell ourselves that we feel closer to God when we are with that person, or that we can’t imagine our life without them. Then, before we know it, we have placed a person on the throne of our life where God once sat. This misplacement of faith leads to a dangerous territory where we attach a person to our own relationship with God, and when that person leaves, it feels as though God has left us.

There have been seasons of my life where I let someone or something occupy the throne of my life and it never brought the joy that I longed for; more importantly, that my soul longed for. Through these seasons I have learned a valuable lesson. I don’t think God ever asks us to hold on to anything. If it is to last forever, it should be placed in His hands. I have never personally run into a situation where God has asked me or anyone else to hold on to something or someone other than Him. If I ever felt like God was telling me to hold on to something or someone other than Him, I would have to examine who or what is God in my life.

Our relationships, our possessions, even our lives will all one day fade away; but our souls can live on forever in Heaven. It is the greatest gift that God has given us through His Son, Jesus Christ. Something I have learned about placing something that we think is great in the hand of God is that when we give Him our treasures, He has something better in His other hand that He is waiting to give us. All He asks is that we trust Him with what we already have. God wants to bless us. He loves His children, and He loves to take care of us. He always has the best in store for us, especially when we think it can’t get any better.

God has a home for each of us in Heaven. He is saving a seat for us at His table. His hands hung the stars in the sky, and formed the Earth from dust. His everlasting breath fills our fragile lungs every moment, and gives us life. I wouldn’t want to place my possessions, my relationships, my life in any other hands. I can’t think of a greater place for my relationships to flourish than in the hands that created everything. I can’t think of a greater place to store my treasures than under the wings that have protected me all these years. I can’t think of a more valuable place for my soul to abide than in the everlasting love of God, my Heavenly Father.

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