What are people saying?

The majority of my blog post comments want to find more about the statistics and facts about weather or not a social life is good for students. When I got these questions, at first I didn’t know how to answer them, there aren’t any defined stats that would help my blog posts questions. So I decided to use facts that you would associate with, if you had a social life such as drinking, and anything that would take away from your studies. I looked up data that would have an affect of student’s lives while drinking, and was able to cite many different factors that could affect student’s performance during school. First, I was able to see that according to the NCADD or National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, that four out of five college students drink, and because of this can have negative factors that can hurt there education. They can have hangovers and/or still be drunk from the night before, thus pulling them away from class because they must deal with taking care of themselves and sobering up. This can also have many more problems such as, doing poorly on test, being more argumentative and angry, and even getting hurt or injured. There are also many other things like memory loss, if you drank too much the night before, as well as getting yourself into certain situations that can lead to being unsafe and dangerous. When drinking you are at risk from far greater things compared to being sober, there is the possibility of drunk driving, and even doing this that you don’t want to do, but your to impaired because your so drunk that you do them anyway.

There is also the effects of marijuana smoking, and the negative effects is can have on your schooling. According to LiveStrong.com, a site dedicated to showing the effects that drugs and alcohol have on your body, shows that there are many factors that can lead to a poor performance in school. First Marijuana makes it more likely to spend more times at parties. Thee are also side effects where you loss long term memory, and also diminishes your motivation to complete homework and other assignments. There is also the possibility that this drug leads to more serious drugs that can give you more side effects and even be harsher than Marijuana. There is also the fact that these drugs lead to more risky behavior that takes away from your schooling and homework. There are also long tem effects that this drug gives you, such as low sperm production, higher risk of repertory infections, damaged immune system, and increase chance of a cold or flu. Your personality can also change, where you get impaired vision and also loose coordination in your body, even difficulty speaking, listening, interrupting class and social relationships can be broken or damaged due this drug. You can also get physiologically addicted to this drug, which can lead to getting side effects faster and with more severity, this can damage your school work as well. Overall, these drugs have a negative effect on your schooling because they impair your learning, and take away from your time to study and complete assignments.

In conclusion there are a lot of different side effects that both alcohol and drugs have that can make your academic life harder. These activities take away from your time to study, or be productive in school because of what the drug does to you. There are also short and long-term side effects that can have a lasting imprint on your school transcripts. There are also risk factors when you look at drugs and alcohol, you can end up in a place you don’t want to be, and put in more danger the minute you consume alcohol and drugs. You also need to remember that these activities pulls away from your other endeavors, whether that’s school, friends, or outside activities such as a club or Greek life. In the end, you need to ask yourself if this is a good trade off, having fun with drugs and alcohol, or studying and making sure your ready and prepared for school

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